The Pac-12 Tournament Is Set

Welp, the bracket is set.  UW finished 8th in the Pac-12 due to tie-breakers, and will play 9-seed Stanford on Wednesday at noon.  There are obvious drawbacks with this set-up.  Noon is a horrible start time for fans who actually want to watch the game without taking a 2-hour break during the middle of their workdays.  And, on top of that, it’s not like we’d get any additional rest because if we win, we’ll have to play at noon on Thursday.  So, that’s fucked.

The biggest Fuck You to all of us is that should we win, we’re forced to play the top-seeded Ducks on Thursday.  We put in a strong game down in Eugene the only time we played them this year, but the game was never really in any doubt – as they’re just flat out better than us – so here’s to hoping that a neutral location will give us a bit of a boost.  I would imagine, though, when you factor in how there’s nothing to do in Eugene, combined with the Ducks being the best team in the conference, they will have a stronger fan showing than the team that’s lost 8 of their last 12 games.

The only real upside that I can see is that we manage to avoid playing Utah for as long as possible, which I’m still convinced is the team that’s the worst matchup for us.  They’re the 2-seed and will have to make it past USC (who should have no problem beating UCLA in their first round matchup) and the winner of Cal (3-seed) or Oregon State (who should have no problem beating Arizona State).

If the Huskies were to somehow do the impossible and make it past the Ducks on zero days rest, we’d get the winner of Arizona (4-seed) vs. Colorado (who gets the prime draw of playing Wazzu on Wednesday).

I was all over the chances of the Huskies in this tournament in last week’s posts, so I won’t re-hash everything.  For the TL;DR crowd, “Slim To None & Slim Just Left Town”.  I mean, let’s face it, Andrew Andrews only has so many 47-point games in him, and by “so many” I mean “one”.  We’re going to need him to continue to put up special numbers, because the rest of the guys on this team just aren’t consistent enough to be counted upon.  Unfortunately, while this team has an abundance of players who CAN shoot the long ball, they’re severely lacking in players who shoot the long ball well on a consistent basis.  When you factor in how much this team LIKES shooting the long ball, it’s a recipe for an early exit.

I hope I’m wrong.  I hope I still have stuff to write about and look forward to come Friday.  I’ll see you all back here on Hump Day and we’ll figure this shit out together.

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