How In God’s Name Did The Mariners Get Swept By The Twins?

It should go without reminding that the Mariners are pretty good this year.  It’s why interest is so high, and why expectations are raising by the day.  Granted, even when the Mariners are terrible, there’s going to be angst among the fans whenever the Mariners lose – and especially when they look bad doing so (to be fair, I don’t know how you look good and still lose, but that’s neither here nor there), but when the Mariners lose games they SHOULD be winning, those are the times you’re going to really rile up the base.

This year, the Mariners have been swept in more series (3 times) than they’ve simply lost, either 2-1 or 3-1 (1 time), and all of those sweeps were at home!  It’s hard enough just winning series (which the Mariners are still doing at a fantastic clip, (11-4-1)), but it’s REALLY hard to get a sweep.  You can play well two out of three days, but odds are there’s going to be a breakdown in that other game where the sweep just slips out of your grasp.  And yet, the Mariners have been swept at home three times this year, and are still BY FAR the best team in baseball to still have a losing home record.

If you look at all the teams, 1-30, the Mariners are currently tied for 6th in baseball in overall record.  Yet, you have to go down to the 13th-best team – the St. Louis Cardinals – before you find another winning team with a losing record at home, and they’re only two games over .500 overall.  There are only two other teams with winning records overall and losing records at home (Toronto & Miami) and both of those teams are only one game over .500 overall.

I’m willing to accept all of this as randomness, to a point, but I don’t know if I’m willing to buy in 100%.  You can’t tell me there isn’t something about Safeco that isn’t in these players’ heads at this point.  I can’t really point to any longstanding trends – other than this is the third straight year where we’re looking at a team that’s better on the road than at home – but there’s got to be something.

I just don’t know how you explain a 3-game sweep to the Twins!  I mean, Same Ol’ Mariners is one thing, but these are the fucking TWINS!  Literally the worst team in baseball!  They won three series all year prior to coming here, and two of them were against Cleveland.

They bashed Felix around in his worst performance of the season, then they bashed Miley around in what probably should surprise none of us, then they followed that up by bashing Walker around in HIS worst performance of the season.  In the only game we really had a reasonable chance of winning, on Saturday, we went 3 for 14 with runners in scoring position, ultimately stranding 10 runners.  I didn’t think there was any way to top loading the bases in back-to-back innings with no outs each time, and ultimately coming away with only 1 run total.  But, then the bottom of the ninth inning happened.

To set the stage, the Mariners would grab a short-lived 4-2 lead before Miley ultimately gave it all away.  The Mariners trailed 5-4, tied it up, trailed 6-5, then took that into the bottom of the ninth.  The Twins are going with a replacement closer rn, for injury reasons, and he promptly walked Cruz to lead off the inning.  Shawn O’Malley pinch ran, and made it over to third base on Kyle Seager’s single.  After a Dae-ho Lee fly out to shallow right field, we were still in a position to send the game into extras without the need for a base hit.  That’s when some bullshit happened:

  • With Guti at the plate, in an 0-2 count, the pitcher curved a ball into the dirt
  • Seager broke for second base, the catcher made a strong throw
  • Seager stopped and got stuck in a run-down
  • After some indecisiveness with O’Malley, finding him halfway between third & home, he was gunned down trying to dive back into third base
  • After some I don’t know what with Seager, he was gunned down trying to dive into second base
  • Both were called out
  • Replays showed both were super-close, but probably out
  • The officials ultimately ruled both runners out after an official replay challenge
  • Game over

Obviously, apples and oranges when we’re talking about what was at stake, but the last time I was THIS dumbfounded by the ending of a ballgame was Super Bowl XLIX.  Just a fucking orgy of errors, against – again – THE WORST TEAM IN BASEBALL.

So, it should probably be taken for granted at this point that the Mariners would follow yet another lost weekend at home (2-10 record at home on Friday/Saturday/Sunday) with a fucking ass-whooping on Memorial Day against the Padres.  I missed the game, but it sounds like Karns did well, and the lineup hit a lot of baseballs pretty hard.  Bully.

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