The Mariners Were Flippin’ Awesome In May

17-11, following a 13-10 April, makes for the best two-month start to a Mariners season since 2003.

The M’s blew it out on the final day in May, winning 16-4, taking a series from the Padres, and somewhat mitigating the damage from being swept by the Twins over the weekend.

Iwakuma went 7 innings, giving up 4 runs, and it’s honestly remarkable he didn’t give up more, considering how long he was forced to wait in between innings through the first five of the day, when the Mariners scored the entirety of their runs.  1 in the first, 6 in the second, 3 in the third, 2 in the fourth, and 4 more in the fifth, as we bashed five homers, each with at least one runner on base.

Remember last year when the Mariners were pretty good at hitting homers, but the vast majority of them were solo jobs?  Now we’re good at them again, only this time we’re also good at getting on base (what a concept!) and really making those homers count.  You’ll note the Padres, yesterday, hit three homers of their own to account for all four of their runs.  That’s the difference between an offense that’ll get the job done, and the Padres.

Seth Smith led the way with two of those homers, to go along with 3 runs and 4 RBI.  One of Seager’s three hits was a 3-run bomb (he’s since raised his average to .274 – remember when it was .159 at the end of April?  Neither do I).  Adam Lind also hit a 3-run bomb (and also raised his average to .259 – remember when it was .210 in the first week of May?  Neither do I).  And, Good Ol’ Guti rounds out the homer brigade with his 2-run ding-donger (.243 average remember when .176 neither I).

Most everyone on this team is hitting it and hitting it and hitting it well, with Ketel Marte just starting his rehab work in Tacoma, and Leonys Martin not much further behind.  We currently sit a half game behind Texas (tied in the loss column), and after this other 2-game series down in San Diego, we play the Rangers 6 times in 10 days.  We truly are the king of kings.

I don’t want to get too far into praising this team, because it appears likely the injury bug has struck again.  News last night has James Paxton joining the team on this road trip, and I don’t think that’s an indicator of Joel Peralta’s impending release.  Or, for that matter, Wade Miley’s.  With Felix set to start tonight, given the timing of this whole thing, I think it’s safe to wonder whether or not he’s truly dealing with some nagging injury (which people have been speculating about for the better part of the last two months, given his erratic fastball usage and its overall downgrade in velocity).  We’ll know more later today, followed by my nervous breakdown.  So, that’ll be fun.

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