The Mariners Played Baseball Yesterday, Will Play Again Today

Try not to hold this one against me, I got an extra day off today and am thoroughly mailing this in.  Feel free to skip ahead to Monday, where my hangover from the 3-day weekend will surely have me at the top of my game.

The Mariners got out of Tampa with a win yesterday.  This game looked like all the other games this past week – with the Mariners jumping out to an early lead, then hoping to hold on through the end – except Mike Montgomery wasn’t available to pitch, so we were actually able to prevail for once.

This June has been an unmitigated disaster, and if the Mariners are going to try to turn things around and salvage this season, they’re going to need to start performing at all levels, starting right now.  Today.  There’s no help out on the horizon (well, except for some bullpen reinforcements from AAA, who will only be here because the arms we have now are so tired from over-use).  The Mariners are who they are, at least through the end of the month, if not until the trade deadline at the end of July.  So, it’s up to them.  The guys on that 25-man roster.  To right the ship.

This is gut-check time.  This is the part of the season where the contenders separate themselves from the pack.  Yes, there’s still a lot of baseball left to be played, but largely your season is decided in these next few weeks.  Will the Mariners be buyers, sellers, or will they just stand pat because there aren’t any good deals out there and we don’t want to mortgage next year, when we’ll still be in that window with all our veterans still playing at a high level?  If the Mariners continue free falling, then who knows?  Maybe the GM & Co. will have a difficult decision to make on the future direction of this team.  If the Mariners start winning again, though, maybe there WILL be help on the way!

I’m not looking for a miracle turnaround here.  I’m not asking for a 15-game winning streak or anything.  Just start winning series again like you used to.  More importantly, let’s start winning these Game 1’s.  Put the other team on the defensive, then all you gotta do is win one of the next two to take the series.  Not greedy, just put together another run of winning series.  The Mariners were great when they were slowly building up their winning record over the course of months; then, they practically gave it all away over the next few weeks.  Let’s get back on that horse, let’s start climbing that mountain, let’s have a small step for man and a giant leap for mankind, huh?

Happy Friday, everyone!  Fuck the Sawks!

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