Mariners Swept Baltimore, Then Laid A Turd In Houston

It was a shockingly promising weekend out of the Mariners, taking 4 of 4 from the Orioles, with lots of great hitting and even some strong pitching.  Seth Smith was the real hero, homering in each game, capping it off with a Grand Slam on Sunday; but most everyone else up and down the lineup had their glory moments.

Taijuan Walker & Wade LeBlanc both had good starts.  Karns had a 3-inning save.  Edwin Diaz is on a streak of 10 consecutive outs via the strikeout.  And Steve Cishek got a couple of saves to bring his total to 20.

When you figure Baltimore – in first place in the A.L. East – had just come off of a 7-game winning streak when they arrived in Seattle, it makes our 4-game sweep all the sweeter.

And then we got to the actual 4th of July holiday down in Houston, and all the positive vibes went down the toilet.

Look, I’m done giving a shit about Wade Miley.  He’ll earn my trust again when he can go out and perform on a regular basis, not one out of every three games like’s been doing this year on average.  Granted, on paper, 2 runs in 6.2 innings looks pretty good (especially for THIS pitching staff), but it’s all a lie.  Once again, Garbage Miley looked like garbage in the first inning.  The fact that he was able to hold Houston to only one run that inning is a testament to how lucky he happened to be, as all three outs were hard-hit liners.  If those balls just HAPPENED to not be hit directly at Mariners defenders, we’d be talking about yet another start where Miley didn’t know what the fuck he was doing out of the gate, as he dug us another insurmountable hole.

Sorry, but I’m not praising a guy when his single praiseworthy attribute happens to be on those rare occasions where he manages to “settle down” after a “rocky first inning”.  Fuck that.  Show up prepared!  Read your scouting reports!  Throw a little more in the bullpen before the game if you have to!  Just get your fucking shit together!

All I have to say is, thank fucking Christ the Mariners can dump his ass with but a $500,000 buy-out next year.  The thought of paying Garbage Miley $12 million next year makes me want to rip my nutsack right off my body.

Was Miley the sole reason we lost yesterday?  Of course not.  The hitters stranded a runner at third base with no outs in two separate innings.  But, the hitters haven’t proven to be huge piles of shit this year; they’ve more or less been consistently solid.  Garbage Miley, on the other hand, had to be pulled from the game in the 7th inning, at only 81 pitches, because he couldn’t be trusted to face George Springer.  Who is George Springer?  Exactly.  Just some nobody who had two of the hardest hit balls I’ve ever seen in my life earlier that game against Garbage Miley.

See, if Miley was worth a damn, they would’ve left him in there to complete the 7th inning, and then sent him back out there for the 8th.  If Miley was worth a damn, he would’ve done a better job giving our bullpen a rest.  If Miley was worth a damn, he wouldn’t have been pulled from the game with no one on base, when he clearly had plenty left in the tank!

The time to DFA Garbage Miley is literally any fucking time now!  At this point, I’d start Karns over him.  I’d start Mike Montgomery over him.  And, when Felix returns after the All Star Break, I’d sure as shit keep starting LeBlanc over him.

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