Taijuan Walker Can’t Get Right

Yesterday, the Mariners lost 5-2, behind another injury-plagued start out of Taijuan Walker, who gave up all five runs in his 4 innings of work before leaving the game with that same damn calf injury that’s been bothering him for what damn near seems like the whole season.  And, yeah, I get the skepticism from Mariners fans out there – seems like the thing only REALLY bothers him (and thus necessitates him being removed from the game prematurely) in the games where he’s being tattooed by the other team.  But, regardless, that doesn’t matter to me.  Like, at all.  The real problem is the fucking injury itself; it needs time to heal, God damn it!

I don’t know what the fucking idiots running this team were thinking!  They pulled him from the lineup and skipped his spot in the rotation, thinking that would be good enough.  But, that was fucking delusional.  If this thing has nagged at him for this long, then it MUST be something that needs more than a few days’ rest!  Of course, when he re-entered the rotation on June 30th, there it was again!  Bothering him as always!  You’d think, right there, the team would’ve figured it out.  “DUH, A-MAYBE WE SHOULD PUT WALKER ON THE DL TO LET HIS FUCKING INJURY HEAL!  DUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHH!”  Instead, there he was out there again last night, getting creamed.

Thankfully, the Mariners have put him on the DL today.  Now, if they’re not fucking MORONS, they’ll let the thing get all the way back to 100% before they fuck around with him again.  Walker means more to us pitching the final 6-8 weeks than he does being rushed back as soon as the 15 days are up, only to start this process all over again.


And also go out and trade for a quality starting pitcher, because if this injury is more serious than it looks, we can’t get by with what we’ve got.  Jesus Christ, I can’t handle many more wasted seasons.

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