Mariners Continue To Flush Season Down The Toilet

Watching the Mariners these days is worse than trying to get motivated to write on a Monday morning before I’ve had a chance to suck down a large coffee.  Of course, they’re not always going to look as bad as they did on Sunday, where they had 4 errors and grounded into 5 double plays and left the bases loaded twice without scoring either time and gave up a grand slam to Carlos Gomez of all people and once again let Jose Altuve beat them when the game was still somewhat in doubt and had a starter once again fail to go beyond 5 innings pitched.

If it weren’t for an incredible pitching performance on Saturday – highlighted by one of Iwakuma’s good starts, going 7 shutout – the Mariners rightly should’ve been swept yet again by the superior Astros.  It’s not even close how much better they are than the Mariners right now; luckily we don’t have to face them again until late September, when we’ll be so far out of contention it won’t even matter anyway.

Word to the wise:  if you want to preserve what little sanity you have left as a diehard Mariners fan, DON’T WATCH THE NEXT TWO GAMES!  The White Sox come to town tonight for a 3-game series, and I bet you’re thinking, “What’s he talking about?  The White Sox aren’t anything special!”  And that’s very true.


They have two of the best starters in the American League right now in Chris Sale and Jose Quintana.  Two pitchers who are undeniably great, and two pitchers who seem to take it to another level when they play the Mariners, especially Sale.  When you consider the Mariners have The Two Wades going (LeBlanc tonight, Miley tomorrow), just save yourself a lot of pain and anguish now and plan to be doing literally ANYTHING other than watching the Mariners the next two nights.

That way, come Wednesday afternoon, you’ll be nice and refreshed for Felix Hernandez’s glorious return!

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