The Mariners Screwed The Pooch Last Night

Blowers and Goldsmith were having a discussion during the broadcast last night about how great it is to have a lockdown closer like Edwin Diaz.  He helps the rest of the bullpen slot into place, he gives everyone the confidence that by shortening the game – just getting through the 8th inning with the lead – everything will be all right.

But, what happens if you can’t even do that?  Well, you get what we had here last night.

You could only expect them to win one of these two games started by Miranda yesterday and Cody Martin tonight; the Mariners blew a HUGE opportunity to take this series by the balls.  I will say it again:  the Mariners have NO business losing to this team, in any capacity.  The Angels have one and a half hitters who can beat you, and sure as shit, they got the better of us again.  It’s like this pitching staff and this coaching staff simply wipes their asses with the scouting reports they get!

Have you heard of the phrase, “I’m not going to let so-and-so beat us,”?  Well, Mike Trout, and Albert Pujols – he of the 92 RBI and the unimpressive batting average – should NOT be beating us like they are!  You’ve got to be more careful with them!  You absolutely can NOT be floating meatballs for them to crush!  And you can’t be fucking walking guys ahead of them!

The bullpen shit the bed, you know?  What can I say?  They had an awesome run, but they really fucked up bad last night.  Nick Vincent was God damn worthless, and Arquimedes Caminero suffered his first blown save in a Mariners uniform.  This isn’t on the hitters (6 runs should be MORE than enough to win every game), this isn’t on the starter (who pitched very well until, again, he faltered in the 6th inning and couldn’t get an out).  This is on those two bullpen guys who fucked it up for everyone.

Now, we have to win the next two games in the series to be where we want to be.  You can’t be losing a series to a team that’s 20 games under .500!  Not if the post-season is on your mind!  So, get your shit together and get this fucking thing done!

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