Huskies Dominated Scarlet Knights In Season Opener

This game was a runaway freight train pretty much from the very beginning and didn’t let up until the game was well in hand.  Featuring a new-look deep passing attack, Jake Browning was able to throw touchdowns of 43, 38, and 50 yards to Chico McClatcher and John Ross in the first quarter to initiate the route.  It was 24-0 after one, 34-3 at half, and 48-3 heading into the final quarter before Rutgers tacked on 10 more points to close it out.

John Ross had 3 touchdowns on the day (two of those mentioned above in the first quarter, and a 92-yard kickoff return in the second quarter).  Dante Pettis added a 68-yard punt return to solidify our dominance in all phases of this game.

Granted, Rutgers is ranked something crazy like 111th, but if the Huskies play the way they played – at least in the first half – they can compete with anybody.

Browning threw for 287 yards – most of that in the first half – on 10.6 yards per attempt.  He wasn’t perfect, but he completed 2/3 of his passes and showed a lot of poise.

The offensive line looked GREAT!  At least in pass protection.  The one fault of the offense is that they were never able to get the run game going (Gaskin was held to 57 yards on 15 carries).  My thinking is that Rutgers sold out for the run – to the detriment of all the one-on-ones they were giving up down field – but even so, we’ve been in that position before and been able to rush better than that.  Definitely something to work on, but at least we weren’t a wet paper bag on the passing downs.

I also thought the defensive line was tremendous, I thought we were able to get pressure from a number of different areas, and I thought our secondary was as good as advertised.  All in all, looks like a really dominating defense.

Hard to know much about the Huskies’ make-up in a game like this.  Are the Huskies as good as their 14th ranking (surely to go up this week, thanks to some teams ahead of them falling)?  Well, they did what they were supposed to do, and that’s dominate a lesser opponent from the jump.  They’ll need to do more of the same the next two weeks to keep in everyone’s good graces, as far as rankings are concerned.  I still think this team could be awfully special.

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