How The Seahawks Will Beat The 49ers

Well, first and foremost, just play Seahawks football!  Take care of the rock and ram it down their throats!

Fortunately, the Seahawks haven’t had nearly the same amount of trouble with the 49ers as we’ve had with the Rams.  Likewise, Chip Kelly-coached teams haven’t really been a bother either.  Coming away with a victory shouldn’t be an issue.

And, make no mistake, if ever there was a “must win” game, this is it.  The 49ers are a bad football team.  Blaine Gabbert is a bad quarterback.  Carlos Hyde is an average-at-best running back, and Torrey Smith is nothing special at wide receiver.  AND, they don’t have a tight end to speak of (but when has that ever stopped tight ends from dominating us before?).  The point is:  this is a game you expect to win, therefore it’s a must win.  Because to lose this game would be a disaster; I mean, where would the bottom be on this season if we lost?

The 49ers were able to get lots of good pressure against the Rams, but not so much against Carolina last week.  You have to think that’s due to Carolina’s superior O-Line, so that’s definitely cause for concern.  I don’t think we’re in for a massacre like we’ve faced in the first two games – indeed, I think this is the weakest front 7 of the first four teams we’ll face this season – but I also don’t think all of our ills will immediately be cured.  I think it’ll still be a struggle to run the ball, and as long as J’Marcus Webb is starting, our pass protection will be suspect.

On the flipside, Carolina’s defense really stymied the 49ers last week, and I think our defense is arguably better than Carolina’s, so I don’t think it’s a stretch to believe we’ll be able to hold them down even better than they did.  Of course, a lot of Carolina’s success came in the turnovers they forced, so it would be nice to see some of those bounce our way for once.  I can’t remember the last time this Seahawks defense went two games in a row without forcing a turnover, but it’s probably sooner than I’d think.  BUT, three games???  That’s gotta pre-date the Pete Carroll era.

What it ultimately boils down to is the talent levels of the two teams.  The Seahawks, even with all the injuries on offense, are plain and simply the more talented team of the two.  What we’ve all noticed – particularly when watching the Washington Huskies in the early going – is that a talent discrepancy of this calibre really shows itself on the football field.  I’m sure there’s a little extra motivation for the Seahawks, being at home, coming off of an annoying loss, this being another division game, this in particular being the 49ers; but all motivation aside, the Seahawks shouldn’t even have to try all that hard to beat this team by 20+ points.

The spread is Seahawks -10.  It’s a fool’s errand to bet on the Seahawks in the first half of the season, but I feel pretty strongly that we could cover that spread no problem.  So, to be safe, you better bet the farm on the 49ers +10.

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