The Seahawks Lost To The Stupid Saints

What can you say about a game like that?  It’s a game the Seahawks certainly SHOULD HAVE won, but gagged away in spectacular fashion.  The offense was so clearly inept (and has been 4 out of the 7 games we’ve played this year) that you really have to wonder whether this team has what it takes.

I’m over talking about Russell Wilson’s injury.  I’m over talking about the youngest and cheapest offensive line in the league.  I’m over talking about Christine Michael being disappointing and Thomas Rawls still being out.  That’s a Saints defense over there that is, without a doubt, one of the most PATHETIC in the entire league.  And we couldn’t put up more than 13 points on ’em?  Don’t forget, the Seahawks got a defensive touchdown, which REALLY puts the exclamation point on how truly awful the Seahawks have been on offense.

The Seahawks should have been able to roll out there with San Francisco’s quarterback situation, Minnesota’s offensive line situation, and fucking Jacksonville’s running back situation and STILL put up 30 points on those losers!  There is NO EXCUSE for how poorly the Seahawks played on offense against this team.

Darrell Bevell (and, by extension, Pete Carroll), you need to pull your head out of your ass and run the ball more, PERIOD!  Stop being cute and just run the fucking ball like you did on the first drive of the second half.  Want the O-line penalties to go away?  RUN THE FUCKING BALL!  Want to improve your average on 3rd down?  RUN THE FUCKING BALL ON FIRST AND SECOND DOWN!

You didn’t need all the trick plays and the reliance on Russell Wilson to get a win in this game; you just needed to slow the game down, play smashmouth football, and let the Saints try to over-do it on their end.  Instead, like last week against Arizona, you’re getting out-Seahawks’d by teams who have no business beating us at our own game!

Why is ARIZONA the one sticking to the running game even though it’s not giving them more than 4 yards per carry?  Why is it NEW ORLEANS who managed 35 rushing attempts even when they were down by double-digits at one point?  That’s what the SEAHAWKS should be doing!

Don’t think Russell Wilson doesn’t deserve some of the blame.  I know he’s calling out of some of these running plays because he wants to try to do too much.  And, you know what?  On the last play of the game, when you’re talking about a quick slant to win the game, maybe don’t worry so much about the protection and worry A LOT MORE about making sure the wide receiver audibles to the correct play, and not a fucking fade route to the back corner of the fucking endzone!

It’s not that difficult!  But, God damn, are the Seahawks trying to MAKE it difficult, on themselves!

Luckily, the NFC is pretty inept, and everyone besides Dallas has at least 2 losses through 8 weeks.  But, if we want to get where we think we deserve to go, we better fucking earn a top 2 seed in the playoffs!  And that means not throwing these games away that we should be winning!  That’s an easy conference win that we just fucked off, at a time where the schedule gets considerably tougher.

So, way to fucking go Seahawks!  You managed to go 0-1-1 against two teams you should’ve beaten, and in the process kept yourselves firmly OUT of the driver’s seat in this weakened NFC.  Hopefully, your November goes a helluva lot better than your October.

No kudos this week.  Kudos are for closers.  You’re lucky I’m even giving you the steak knives.

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