The Seahawks Pissed Away The 2-Seed Against The Cardinals

The main takeaway from a game like that is the Seahawks aren’t a Super Bowl team.  The one hope we had was to win out, get the BYE, maybe play one of the lesser wild card teams, hope the Giants beat Dallas, and then host the NFC Championship Game.  Thanks to the Seahawks blowing it against Arizona, we’re all but locked out of the 2-seed, and we’re more likely to lose in the first round than reach the title game.

Of course, Atlanta COULD lose to the Saints this week, but I don’t think there’s any way in hell that happens.  Either way, it won’t make a difference.  This fucking offensive line is the God damn worst and it’s effectively ruined Seattle’s chances.  On top of which, it’s not like the stars on this team are getting any younger, or hungrier, so this championship window that started in 2012 could be slamming shut.  Maybe if all our good players weren’t either out with injury or playing through injuries, we’d have a shot, but that on top of the O-Line is going to be our undoing.  It’s just a matter of time now.

So, thanks for nothing, Seahawks.  You ruined Christmas!

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