Seahawks Barely Beat 49ers, Settle For 3-Seed

I literally don’t think I’ve ever been as disgruntled with a Seahawks division champ/playoff team.  MAYBE 2010, because we were 7-9 and had no business being in the playoffs in the first place – and we were actively screwing ourselves out of a higher draft pick – but at least that year gave us the Beastquake.  I highly doubt there will be anything to top that this year.  Just more disappointment in an ever-closing championship window.

The Seahawks beat the 49ers in Santa Clara 25-23, but had to overcome a 14-3 deficit to do it.  We were able to hit on some impressive deep balls, but the running game was non-existent yet again, and the defense looked shaky-at-best against an inept 49ers offense led by the washed-up Colin Kaepernick.  At best, you have to hope the Seahawks were so convinced the Falcons would do their job at home against the Saints (which they did, no surprise there) that they just didn’t show up until the second quarter and let the 49ers hang around until it was time to pull the starters (even though that could’ve meant our losing the game and dropping to the 4-seed in the process, but let’s go ahead and sweep that little turd nugget under the rug).

This team is doomed, plain and simple.  Injuries, complacency, a defensive coordinator in over his head, an offensive coordinator and a quarterback who refuse to even try to establish a running game, an offensive line coach who has probably worn out his welcome, an offensive line that’s just a fucking disaster.  If the Seahawks don’t lose to the Lions this week, they will DEFINITELY lose to Atlanta next week, meaning we’re just delaying the inevitable.

As it stands, I give the Seahawks a 50/50 chance of beating the Lions on Saturday.  Do you know how pathetic that is?  The Seahawks should absolutely ROLL over the Lions at home, but they absolutely will not.  They will struggle like they always do, against what looks like the worst of the pass rushes remaining in the playoffs, let the Lions hang around (or worse, let the Lions go up big and have to come back late), and either the Seahawks will get it done late in the 4th quarter or they won’t.  But, like I said, it won’t matter.  When I first gave thought to it, I figured if the Seahawks made it to Atlanta next week, they had an 85% chance of losing, but I’m ready to throw that figure into the 90’s.  What about this team inspires confidence?  Hell, I’d be shocked if the Lions don’t put up 30 points on us!  What do you think the Falcons will do?  The same Falcons team that feels like it was jobbed back in Seattle earlier in the regular season?  They’re out for blood, and after the Lions, the Seahawks are the juiciest piece of bleeding flesh left out in shark-infested waters.  Just waiting for a predator to come along and swallow us whole.

As you can see, I’m already mentally preparing myself for the offseason.  Maybe next year we’ll be luckier with injuries.  Maybe next year the O-Line will gel into a cohesive unit.  Maybe next year we’ll be able to make a few free agency splashes to shore up our very worst positions.  Maybe our next first round draft pick will be worth a damn from week 1 and we won’t have to suffer yet another year of growing pains.  Maybe we’ll find a long-snapper who doesn’t make me want to slit my own throat.

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