In The First Round Of The 2017 NFL Draft, The Seahawks Drafted No One!

I’ve been drinking since the draft started, back at 5pm tonight, so for the last four hours or so, and the NFL Draft has never been so entertaining!

In short, the Seahawks traded down twice and picked no one tonight.  From 26 to 31, with the Atlanta Falcons, so they could draft some injured linebacker.  In doing so, the Seahawks picked up another 3rd rounder and a 7th rounder, which is a GREAT deal!

Then, a little bit later, the Seahawks went from 31 to 34, with the San Francisco 49ers, so they could draft some really good linebacker.  In doing so, the Seahawks picked up an early 4th rounder, which you could consider to be another late 3rd rounder, so bully for us!

Also, Kevin King, Budda Baker and a number of O-linemen are available for the taking.  Also, look for the Seahawks to package one of their many 3rd rounders to move back into the 2nd round again.  I dunno, I’m drunk, bye!

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