Of Course The Mariners Lost To The Phillies

You’re cruising along, having yourself a fine month of June.  A winning month of June.  You’re coming off of a weekend of defeat against the Astros, but those are the Astros!  They’re the best team in baseball!  Before that, you won 6 games in a row, including a 4-game sweep of the Tigers to knock them down a few pegs in the Wild Card standings.  You’re also coming off of your first off-day in three weeks, with the promise of another off-day later this week.  All you have to focus on right now is a 2-game home series against the worst team in the National League, which is really saying something because the San Francisco Giants are in the National League, and have you SEEN the San Francisco Giants?  They’re abysmal this season!  They’re so bad they wish they were the Padres right now!

Also, not for nothing, but you have your two best starters going in this series, as well as your best lineup from top to bottom.  These should be wins!  These should be easy, no doubt about it wins.

So, yeah, of course.  Of course you lost to the Phillies.  You’re the fucking Mariners!  This is what you do!

Jean Segura did his part.  He hit a 2-run bomb to right field to put the Mariners on the board.  James Paxton did what he should’ve done, which is go 7 innings of 3-run ball.  Against THAT team?  That should be plenty!  But, the Mariners continuously dropped the ball with RISP and never scored again.  Sure, the bullpen gave up 5 runs in the last two innings, but it’s not like the Mariners were going to come back!  The mighty Joaquin Benoit aka Death To All Things Mariners was on the mound!  He shut down our three best hitters like they weren’t even standing there!

Would I be surprised if the Phillies swept the Mariners later today?  Of course not.  Just grit your teeth and eat this one.  Hope for better things this weekend.

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