Die Hard With A Vengeance: Mariners Annihilate The Angels

That thing where you spell annihilate correctly in your first try …

Ariel Miranda was on the top of his game, the hitters came to play, and the Angels couldn’t do much of anything right.  It all adds up to a 10-0 victory on a Friday night.

Cano hit 2 homers and 5 RBI; Zunino hit a solo bomb to come within 2 RBI of the franchise record for most RBIs in a month; and Gamel and Seager each had 4 hits to do some serious work on their averages.  All in all, it was a welcome breakout to end the 4-game losing streak.

Miranda was dynamic, going 7 innings of 2-hit, 2-walk ball and Max Povse went the final two innings, looking shaky, but ultimately preserving the shutout.  Considering Mike Trout is still out this series, it’s hard to be too impressed, but the Angels still have a better record than the Mariners, so explain that one to me.

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