Losing Is A Total Team Effort For These Mariners

The Royals only scored in three of the ten innings of this game, and yet the pitching proper stunk by giving up 9 runs.  The defense helped blow this thing wide open in the top of the tenth by booting two errors, making two of the three runs the Royals scored that inning unearned.  And sure, the offense finally busted out a little bit, bashing three homers and scoring 6 runs overall, but they were held scoreless for the final seven innings (aka, they had ample opportunities to win this thing in regulation, and failed).

In all, it adds up to one of the more frustrating losses of the season (probably second only to the meltdown against the Angels earlier this year).  That makes for a 3-game sweep to the Royals (on the heels of a series win down in Anaheim), and a whopping 7-game losing streak at Safeco Field, dropping our home record all the way down to 25-20.

All of this, of course, after a winning month of June; the Mariners are now 1-4 to start July.

Understand that I’m not questioning his effort or heart, but it sure seems like whenever Cano has an error, this team has been unable to pick him up!  That statement isn’t really much of anything, I just noticed that the Mariners tend to give up a lot of runs whenever Cano can’t make a play; it’s weird.

I don’t know what else to say.  This season is just so stupid.  This game is just so stupid!  I mean, does anyone really enjoy all these hot and cold streaks?  Yeah, the highs are great, but the lows are just so fucking miserable they make you wonder why you follow this team at all.  I remember a run like this last year too, where the Mariners would jump immediately from hot streak to cold streak to hot streak and back and forth.  It’s insane!  Why can’t the Mariners ever manage to run up a hot streak … AND THEN PLAY .500 BALL FOR A WHILE???

Right now, the M’s are on a 2-8 streak.  Immediately preceeding that, the M’s were on a 6-game winning streak.  Immediately preceeding that, the M’s were 3-7; before that, they were 9-1; before that, they were 4-12.  And so on and so forth.  Just give me a fucking break!  God fucking dammit, next week can’t come soon enough.

And, if it weren’t bad enough, we have to go to Kansas City in that brutal stretch in August for four games.  For some reason, I thought we were done with the Royals, but SURPRISE!

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