The Mariners … Yeah I Dunno

It was an okay start by Andrew Moore (6 innings, 3 runs, 2 more solo homers); it was a similar okay start by Oakland’s guy (6 innings, 3 runs, just the 1 solo homer); the bullpen did their thing, but in the end Edwin Diaz tried to keep the game tied in the top of the ninth and ultimately failed.  He gave up the go-ahead run, and the Mariners could only muster a Haniger double in the bottom half, but that was it.

Couple of hits apiece for Segura and Dyson (who also hit the solo homer to tie it at 3), but overall just not enough hitting period.  The Mariners will try to avoid the shameful series loss this afternoon with Felix on the mound.  Here’s to hoping for the shameful series tie!

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