I’m For It: Kam Chancellor Is Sticking Around For A While

Look, don’t hate guys.  Just stop it!  There are plenty of things to be outraged about in Seattle sports right now and forever, but keeping Kam Chancellor in the fold – possibly even keeping him for his entire career – is absolutely a good thing.

But … but what about all the injuries?


But … but he’ll be 30 next year!


You can’t have it both ways.  You can’t talk about how you want the Seahawks to be tougher, and to get back to their smashmouth ways, while at the same time trying to shuttle out the players that got you here in favor of some youth movement.  If and when the younger guys are ready, they’ll get their shot.  But right now?  Kam Chancellor is still in his prime.  He’s as good today as he’s ever been.  Probably better in a lot of ways that come with experience and stability in the same system.  If the only knock on him is that he gets dinged up from time to time, well guess what, I’ll take what I can get.  I’ll take 12 games of Prime Kam per year.  Anything less than that is a shame, but anything more is pure gravy.

Kam is the heart of this team, especially of this defense.  You couldn’t find two better Lead By Example guys than Kam and Beastmode, which is why those Seahawks teams were so dynamic.  We’ve always talked about how different this team is with Kam on the field vs. when Kam’s on the shelf; so adding three more years to his tenure here is all the better.  Puts my mind at ease.

To put it another way, you know you’re talking about a great player when it takes an hour just to pick out the best highlights package, because he has SO MANY.

For what it’s worth, I’m still partial to this one (any Kam Chancellor highlights package that doesn’t have that Arizona game where he knocks the O-lineman on his ass, then tackles the running back in one fell swoop is an incomplete highlights package, FYI).

And, on top of it all, it’s not even an obscene amount of money.  3 years, $36 million, $25 million guaranteed?  That has the sound of a 2-year deal to me, with a third year option should he stay healthy.  The going rate for elite safeties, I hate to break it to you, is actually MORE than that, so you could argue the Seahawks are getting a bargain!

In my opinion, you’re talking about the most intimidating player in the NFL, period.  Teams have to change the way they play and the way they game plan when you’ve got Kam Chancellor roaming around the middle of the field.  He covers well, he hits well, he’s got good instincts, he’s got good intelligence.  Kam Chancellor is ours, and he’s going to remain ours for a very long time.

This is good.  Just let go of your baggage and enjoy the ride.

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