The Huskies Beat The Shit Out Of Montana

The Huskies beat the Grizzlies 63-7.  It was the cotton candy of football games:  light, colorful, melts in your mouth – so easy to consume it doesn’t even require chewing – and after ingesting too much of it you get a tummyache.

I don’t think there’s even a point in getting into the numbers.  The Grizzlies are simply out of our league.  They may be bigger potatoes in the Big Sky Conference, but against one of the very best teams in the Pac-12, they’re dogfood.


Jake Browning looked good, very efficient, and even got to bring out his own rushing attack to the tune of 50 yards on 5 carries.  The rest of the rushing attack, however, was great as well.  No one person really broke out, but 5 different runners scored a touchdown on the ground, and the team racked up 213 yards on 37 carries.

But, again, this was like a scrimmage against children.  Even the 7 points they scored was on a Pick Six where their defender was mauling Dante Pettis, causing the ball to bounce off of his one free hand and into the waiting arms of a lucky Grizzly to take back to the house.

I’m not gonna dwell on this too much.  The Huskies got to play a lot of their backups and spread the love around.  Next week, Fresno State comes to town, and thus will end our cupcake non-conference schedule.

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