I’m No Longer Excited About The Seahawks Anymore

Alternate Title:  Blair Walsh Fucking Sucks Dick.

I told you, didn’t I?  I’m sure I did.  You sign a guy like Blair Walsh, you’re obviously betting on his strong leg and hoping for a big turnaround.  But, you’re also in line for a game like yesterday’s, where his THREE missed field goals – in a game the Seahawks lost 17-14 – were the difference between winning and losing.

I don’t care about all the penalties on the offense.  I don’t care about the two Russell Wilson interceptions, or the others that were dropped.  I don’t care about Jimmy Graham dropping yet another ball in the endzone, this time a 2-point conversion that as it turns out would’ve been pretty meaningless.  I don’t care about a defense that was handed a 4-point lead with 94 seconds to go in the game, only to blow it on some ridiculous chunk plays through the air.

I care about a 44-yard field goal, a 39-yard field goal, and a 49-yard field goal, all shanked wide-left.

And I SURE as shit don’t care about how great Blair Walsh was with the media!  He isn’t paid to answer your fucking questions and be a “stand-up guy” or whatever; he’s paid to kick a football between some fucking uprights!  If he makes ANY of those three field goals and this game is 100% different.

Assuming he makes just one, that means a 7-5 halftime deficit turns into a 10-5 deficit, which turns into an 11-10 lead (assuming we miss the 2-point conversion, which we did anyway), which turns into an 18-10 lead (assuming we hit the extra point, which I would hope he’d be able to fucking make), which turns into them needing a 2-point conversion of their own at the end of the game to send it into overtime.

AT THE VERY LEAST, we’re looking at overtime, which is a coin flip away from being a potential Seahawks victory.

Instead, it’s yet another demoralizing defeat when things were looking so promising.

Make no mistake, the Seahawks had no business losing that game.  The Redskins were too banged up and too mediocre on top of that to come into our house and steal that victory.  This game was a fucking trainwreck, and you know what?  I’m done getting excited over this team.  I’ll continue to watch and cheer along and all that, but I’m not getting my hopes up.  What’s the point?  The Seahawks are going NOWHERE!

Even if we pull it together to the point where we beat the remaining bad teams on our schedule (Arizona twice, the 49ers, the Falcons, and the Jags), that’s another 10-win season.  Probably a wild card team, but so what?  It’s not like the injuries are going to subside; they’re going to get worse!  To the point where the thought of beating the likes of the Rams, Eagles, or Cowboys sound like utter insanity.

Which means, best case scenario, we’re going on the road in the playoffs.  We gotta go through the likes of the Rams/Vikings/Saints?  Then go through one of the two BYE teams?  Then go through whoever was good enough to make it into the NFC Championship Game?  Are you high?  With THIS bunch?  In what alternate universe is that a reality?  Because I’d love to go to there.

The Seahawks always have and always will need to have home field advantage throughout the playoffs to get anything done.  If you think that’s happening this year, you’re the biggest homer on the planet.  And, if you think the Seahawks can get back to the Super Bowl without home field advantage, then I’m afraid we need to get you into the loony bin, stat.

What a God damn fucking waste.  Here’s to 8 more weeks of going through the motions.  For what it’s worth, the Seahawks would need to go 8-0 to get the top seed in the NFC.  The playoffs start this Thursday, saddle up.

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