Not Quite There Yet: The Huskies Lost To Gonzaga

Win or lose, I was going to write about this game this week, as it’s the last premiere matchup for the Huskies before conference play.

The Huskies got stomped by Gonzaga 97-70, and I stopped watching before halftime.  To my untrained eye, no one really stood out in a positive way, particularly on the defensive end, as the Zags did pretty much whatever they wanted.  I was particularly disappointed in Washington’s foul situation, as it had looked like – entering this game – that we’d cleaned up a lot of that ticky-tack bullshit.  It’s a good reminder, though, of where the Huskies actually stand, among the elites of college basketball.

Also, not for nothing, but Kansas apparently followed up their Wake-Up Call defeat to the Huskies by losing at home to the Arizona State Sun Devils.  So, I guess the Jayhawks suck (they fell from #2 to #13), which is a collosal bummer (either that, or the Pac-12 is insanely good, in which case that also probably doesn’t bode well for UW).

Washington has three more non-conference tune-ups against inferior opponents, so rolling into conference play with 10 wins is still on the table.  It would give us one more victory than we had all of last season, which is impressive in its own right.

So, let’s take care of business and I’ll get back to writing about this team in the New Year!

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