The I Dunno Seattle Sports Hell Power Rankings

These Power Rankings are less and less fun the farther the Seahawks fall.

  • New England (11-3)
  • Carolina (10-4)
  • Minnesota (11-3)
  • New Orleans (10-4)
  • Pittsburgh (11-3)
  • Jacksonville (10-4)
  • Philadelphia (12-2)
  • L.A. Rams (10-4)

That’s a pretty good looking group of 8 teams.  Your Super Bowl participants and your eventual winner are somewhere in there.  For what it’s worth, I do think it’ll boil down to New England vs. Pittsburgh in the AFC.  Which, yeah, should be a great game; but also, ugh, New England or Pittsburgh will be going BACK to the Super Bowl.  Fuck those teams.  It’s not a whole helluva lot better on the NFC side.  I think it’ll come down to Minnesota vs. Carolina (I think the Rams are a year away from winning it all, FYI), and I think there’s a very real chance we see the Panthers back in the title game.

  • Atlanta (9-5)
  • Baltimore (8-6)
  • Detroit (8-6)
  • Dallas (8-6)
  • Kansas City (8-6)
  • L.A. Chargers (7-7)
  • Tennessee (8-6)
  • Buffalo (8-6)

The Wild Cards!  For the NFC, you’ve got three teams vying for that 6-seed, and honestly I think it’ll come down to either Dallas or Detroit (I believe the Lions have the tie-breaker, but I’m not going to do the math to confirm.  On the AFC side, I guess we’re locked into Baltimore and Kansas City, with the Chargers fighting the Titans for the final spot.  I still like the Chargers, but damn they dug themselves a HUGE hole.

  • Seattle (8-6)
  • Green Bay (7-7)
  • Washington (6-8)
  • Miami (6-8)
  • Arizona (6-8)
  • Oakland (6-8)
  • San Francisco (4-10)
  • N.Y. Jets (5-9)

It’s fucking weird that we won’t see either of Seattle or Green Bay in the playoffs.  2017 can suck it.  Watch out for those 4-win 49ers!  They’re going to be SO MANY pundits’ dark horse playoff team next year!  (they might actually be two years away, but you didn’t hear that from me).

  • Cincinnati (5-9)
  • Denver (5-9)
  • Chicago (4-10)
  • Tampa Bay (4-10)
  • Houston (4-10)
  • N.Y. Giants (2-12)
  • Indianapolis (3-11)
  • Cleveland (0-14)

Houston will be the AFC pick as dark horses, but that’s going to be faulty logic.  I think that team will be legitimately great and a contender for a Top 2 seed next year.  Of course, I was pretty damn sure about the same thing for the Raiders this year, and look at what happened.  There’s one thing we can all agree on:  the Browns will always stink.

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