The Mariners Beat The Twins In That Stupid Make-Up Game

The Minnesota Twins are dumb.  I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it until the end of time until they put a fucking roof on their janky-ass stadium.  Idiots!  Enjoy leading the league in rained out games, you miserable pieces of shit!

Also, the Minnesota Twins are fucking assholes.  We already had to tack this game onto the end of a 6-game Midwestern road trip before flying home to start a series the very next evening – meaning best case scenario we’re still getting home in the middle of the fucking night and somehow need to get up for a game in a little over 12 hours (except there was a 90-minute delay that put our ETA even later than expected) – and then they went and scheduled it at 4:10pm Pacific time, which was 6:10pm Central time.  I mean, what the fuck?!  It’s YOUR piece of shit roofless stadium that caused this make-up game in the first place!  Schedule the fucking game during the late morning/early afternoon hours to accommodate the fucking team you inconvenienced!

And I don’t care if it was raining all day or not.  That’s not the point.  How about a little professional courtesy?  I could understand if it was a make-up game against the Indians or something; they’re your rivals.  IS THIS BECAUSE WE BEAT YOUR ASSES IN LITTLE BIG LEAGUE?!?!

God damn the fucking Minnesota Twins, is what I’m getting at.  They can suck all the cocks and dicks.

It’s why I’m especially glad they lost yesterday.  Not only that, but they were SHUT OUT.  Not by Paxton, not by Felix, not even by Mike Leake!  But, by a RELIEVER, who was cut at the end of Spring Training before joining our crew, who was making just his third start of the season!  FUCK YOU TWINS!  The Mariners have one of the worst rotations in the American League, and you got SHUT THE FUCK OUT BY THE 6TH MAN!

Of course, to be fair, Wade LeBlanc has been pretty great in his starts so far this year.  He’s been pretty great in most of his appearances, but in three starts he’s gone 15 innings and given up just the 1 run.  In this one, we were able to stretch him out to 90 pitches across 6 innings, where he gave up just 3 hits while striking out 4.  James Pazos apparently had a stomach virus yet locked down the 7th.  Nick Vincent appears ready to reclaim his 8th inning role from the sucky Juan Nicasio.  And Edwin Diaz bounced back to nail his 14th save of the season.

The offense wasn’t there – and has been PARTICULARLY spotty with RISP lately – but they were able to scratch just enough across and that’s all that matters.  We never have to go to Minnesota ever again (the rest of the season)!

Mitch Haniger appears to be the guy taking Robbie’s spot in the 3-hole in the lineup, which is appropriate.  We’re nevertheless down an elite hitter and it’s going to be a slog the next however many weeks Cano is on the DL.

We play a quick 2-spot against the Rangers starting tonight, then we have 4 against the Tigers.  Time for some revenge, I’d say.  We CAN’T lose two series to the Tigers in the span of a week, can we?

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