Jesus Christ, Mariners. Just … Jesus Christ

The Mariners followed up their first series win in forever down in Arizona with a 2-game set against the last place Padres.  The Mariners got swept.

Down 5.5 games to the A’s with a 4-game series in Oakland, it was Do Or Die Weekend.  If the M’s had won all 4, maybe I could allow myself to start getting excited again.  Winning 3 of 4 was absolutely necessary.  Anything less than that was a tie for Worst Case Scenario, because it means without a doubt no playoffs for the Mariners.

Well, the M’s and A’s split, so that’s it.  We’re still 5.5 games behind the A’s (8 games behind the Astros for the division) with 25 games to go.  Close, but no cigar, once again.

I’m not recapping all the games, because who cares?  It’s over, football season is starting, so it’s time to stop giving so much of a shit about the Mariners.  It was a good run, but we’re not a good team.  You can only hold off the run differential beast for so long before it catches up with you.

I’m planning on treating this September like I treat every September for the Mariners:  watch occasionally, root like hell for Felix to do good, maybe go to a couple more games for shits n’ giggs and call it a season.

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