It’s Time To Believe In The Seahawks Again

Considering where I thought this team was headed at the beginning of the season, I couldn’t imagine a better scenario for the Seahawks than this.  6-5, the worst of our schedule behind us, in the driver’s seat for a wild card spot.  This week, we get the hapless 49ers at home; they should be push-overs.

This game would’ve been a lot more interesting before the 49ers were relegated to their third string quarterback.  You take the good with the bad though.  The good is we get what should be a walk-over victory; the bad is that what was once a Sunday Night game has reverted back to Sunday Afternoon.

It’s fine.  I mean, it would’ve been cool – coming off our dramatic victory in Carolina – to have the national eyes upon us.  But, we’ve got a Monday Night game in a couple weeks that should hopefully take care of that.

I don’t know a ton about the 49ers, but I know they stink.  Their defense has Richard Sherman … and that’s about it.  For what it’s worth – since this has been a topic of endless discussion this week – even if I was going to the game, and even if there was ample opportunity (with him being shown on the jumbotron or something), I wouldn’t bother booing Sherm.  I get all the reasons why people might, it’s just not for me.  Do I agree with how he handled things in his last couple years here?  Not really, but I don’t hold it against him either.  He gave everything he had to this team, and even when he was disgruntled, he still played his ass off on the field.  All that off-field stuff doesn’t matter to me if you prove it game-in and game-out.  As much as I find Jim Moore entertaining on the radio, I get how he could get under your skin in a press conference setting.

Sherm never forced his way off the team (though he may have wanted to leave a year or two earlier); he was all set to play out his contract, and it was the Seahawks who decided to move on.  Whether or not I agree with their decision is irrelevant.  While things have worked out for this team, can you imagine this defense with Richard Sherman on it?  Of course, by the same token, I guess we wouldn’t have Tre Flowers as involved in things.  Plus, I don’t even know at this point where the money we saved on Sherm went to with this team, but forget about it!  The point is, Sherm was loyal to this team until this team wasn’t loyal to him.  And when they cut him loose, he tried to find a division rival to stick it to us.  The 49ers were a team on the come-up, so of course that was a logical choice!

If it were me, I would’ve played it the exact same way.

Furthermore, I mean, how mad can you be at the guy who’s wasting away on a 2-9 squad?  Aside from him, the rest of that defense is GARBAGE.  Believe me, I’ve seen it.  It’s like if a Husky transferred to Wazzu.  My reaction is, “Aww, that’s sweet.  Have fun in mediocrity!”  But, to boo the man?  That’s like kicking him when he’s down.

Now, if he had joined the Rams, and was set to play in a Super Bowl without us, I might be singing a different tune.  But, here we are.

Anyway, getting back to the Niners, like I said, they’re bad.  Nick Mullens is their QB and he threw me off the scent by being good against the Raiders in his first start, but since then he’s been as you would expect, even laying a total egg against the Bucs of all teams!  I can’t imagine he has his best game in the rowdy confines of CenturyLink Field.

The rest of the 49ers are pretty banged up across the board.  George Kittle is a stud, so he’s a guy to watch out for.  Their rushing situation is a little underrated; when healthy, Matt Breida is pretty solid.  But, in the end, I don’t think this team has what it takes to contend.  It would be a HUGE upset if they came in here and won.

I expect the Seahawks to do their thing.  Running on the 49ers shouldn’t be too much of a hassle, and as long as Wilson doesn’t try to take advantage of Sherm’s side too often, we shouldn’t have any trouble moving the ball.  I would expect something in the range of 33-13, as we all look ahead to the mighty showdown the following Monday.

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