The Seahawks Host The Chiefs For Some Of The Marbles

I dunno man, it’s Christmas. I’m like one and a half more shifts away from a phat 9-day break (which includes my first-ever trip to the Rose Bowl to root on the Huskies), how am I supposed to get it up for a Seahawks game against the Chiefs that only KINDA matters? *Sigh* all right, let’s get into it.

So, here’s where we’re at: the Seahawks clinch a playoff spot with a win and either a Redskins or Vikings loss. There are various other options, but those are the two easiest ways to lay it out. The Redskins play on Saturday afternoon at Tennessee, so that part of the equation could be over before the sun even rises on Sunday. The Vikings play at Detroit on Sunday morning, so both games will be done before the Seahawks take the field.

I’m sure I’ll be more excited when it’s time for kickoff. On its own, even if we DON’T clinch a playoff spot this week, it’s a helluva matchup. The Seahawks, at home, in primetime, against an elite Chiefs team who can’t defend whatsoever! There should be offense and plenty of it!

I know I sound like a broken record here, but SPOILER ALERT, I’m skeptical of the Seahawks’ chances in this one. Look, let’s face it, I almost ALWAYS doubt we’re going to beat the good teams. Here’s my thing: it’s obscene how some of these teams – like the 49ers, for instance – are able to carve up our defense both through the air and on the ground. Now, you’re bringing in FAR AND AWAY the best offense in all of football … and we’re supposed to somehow slow them down?

Much like every game against the Rams, this one is going to boil down to whether or not we can hang with them in a shootout. The Chiefs are starting to get healthy on defense, so while I believe the Seahawks CAN put up 30+ points to keep it close, I could also see the Chiefs start to clamp down defensively and get stops when they need to.

For what it’s worth, I can’t imagine the Seahawks will be as fucking sloppy as they were last week. It could be pissing down rain like it has all week in Seattle and I’d still say we couldn’t be any worse than we were in Santa Clara.

Ultimately, it’ll be who has the ball last, and can that team score? The Seahawks were on a helluva run heading into last week, but I dunno. I have a bad feeling. I think we fuck it up somehow, and it’s going to boil down to the game next week against the Cardinals to confirm if we make the playoffs or not.

I do nevertheless think the Redskins lose on Saturday, while the Vikings will almost certainly prevail to overtake us in the 5-seed.

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  1. Except for the result you nailed the flow of the game down to the final few minutes. This was an amazing game and an amazingly nerve-wrecking game. I guess you forgot to mention the Russell Wilson magic too. #gohawks

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