Sure Enough, The Mariners Suck Again

In spite of what happened last night (an absurd 11-10 Mariners victory down in Anaheim, blowing what was once a 10-2 lead) I think we can all agree – based on losing six straight games to the Astros and Indians (going 0 for the Homestand, after building up so much good will en route to a 13-2 start) – that the Mariners do, indeed, suck again.

Take out the “again” part, because when have we NOT, amirite?

After last Friday’s so-so performance against Wade Miley and Co., the bats went in the tank for the remainder of the homestand. The Mariners scored 1, 2, 4, 2, and 0 runs respectively, to come hurtling back down to Earth. And, sure, I’ll come out and say it: we were facing significantly better starting pitching over those five games, compared to the first 16, so it probably shouldn’t shock anyone that the Mariners’ offense cooled off considerably. They were never going to stay as red hot as they were.

Ahh, the ebbs and flows of a baseball season … can gobble my modestly-sized dick!

Last night showed how the Mariners can suck in the other direction. How do you blow an 8-run lead over the course of two innings? By having probably the worst bullpen in all of baseball.

It was nice to see the bats re-emerge (Healy had 2 homers and 5 RBI, Narvaez had 3 hits and 4 RBI, Vogelbach got on base 5 times with his 2 hits & 3 walks), but once again it was a shaky performance from the bullpen and by connection, the manager. You got 6 innings of 2-run ball out of King Felix … so what are you doing trying to press your luck by sending him out there for the 7th? I don’t CARE what his pitch count was! You’re just asking for trouble.

He was pulled in favor of R.J. Alaniz, who is probably a guy I will never write about again, as I’m assuming he’ll be sent down to Tacoma today and never heard from again. He gave up 4 runs (earning a 24.00 ERA), but the guys after him weren’t all that much better.

In the end, though, it was 10-10 after eight innings. Somehow, the M’s pushed across a run in the ninth and Roenis Elias was able to shut it down. But, obviously, it never should’ve been remotely CLOSE to being that close, and yet it was. Because the Mariners suck. Now and forever.

Happy Friday everyone!

5 thoughts on “Sure Enough, The Mariners Suck Again

  1. is anybody in charge of the team, maybe a manager , somebody in front office, well lets fire them all and get someone who knows talent and hire them now, we can do a lot to improve before next year starts.

  2. What a bunch of a**clowns! Blowing a tie in the top of the 9th because of the bullpen being useless AND fielding that is a joke (the dropped pop up should have been an error against Elias). The entire organization needs to go to Mexico City.

  3. I’m disappointed year after year. Every year there is hope and it’s consistantly dashed . I want the head office to take note. How long will it be before you lose ALL of your fans. It might be too late already. I’m Soo disappointed and I’m teetering on the edge of walking away.
    Put some excitement back in this game/team. We NEED some of the golden years back.

    • 20 years. They have sucked for 20 years. 20 friggin years!!! You can’t start over. I don’t have another 20 years of being the laughing stock of baseball

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