Jarran Reed Did Something Stupid, Got Suspended

I don’t know, man. Apparently Jarran Reed was involved in some incident in 2017(?), police were notified, and he ultimately wasn’t charged with anything nor did he get into any real trouble that I can discern, yet here we are in 2019 and boom, he’s popped for 6 games. I could understand if it was some drug thing, or if he was caught on tape making threatening-sounding comments, but this feels like a SEVERE over-reaction to a non-issue.

And you can call me insensitive all you want, but let’s see some charges, huh? Let’s see – if nothing doing from a prosecutorial perspective – at least a civil suit. SOMETHING. Video, audio, pictures, give me SOMETHING to hang my hat on where I can say, “Okay, Jarran Reed clearly did something and should probably be punished in some capacity.”

Even if it’s nothing from the alleged victim, how about A LITTLE transparency from the NFL’s investigation. Just a whiff. Tom Brady probably didn’t do anything that warranted his suspension (or at least the extent of his punishment), but at least we could point to some deflated footballs and say, “Yeah, that’s a sneaky organization, something was probably going on.”

I’ll be the first to admit that I have little-to-no knowledge of the latest Tyreek Hill case (other than the fact that my fantasy football team benefits from his being active from Game One, so this must be the karma gods punishing me for my insolence), but he generally seems like a bad dude and almost certainly did something he shouldn’t have. I’ve seen the NFL suspend guys for A LOT less, let’s put it that way (Jarran Reed, for instance), and yet he’s off playing football and our boy will miss a month and a half.

Hill’s legal team must’ve been worth every damn penny!

This is obviously a catastrophe for the Seahawks. Jarran Reed is our best interior lineman, our best interior pass rusher, and maybe even our best OVERALL pass rusher! The team was already in pretty dire straits in that regard – particularly early in the season, when we don’t know if Ziggy Ansah will start off on the PUP list or not heading into the regular season – so compounding it with the loss of Reed is absolutely the worst possible way to start our 2019 season.

Also, like, what the fuck took so long? Why do these fucking investigations and appeals take fucking forever? I mean, fuck, if we’d lost Reed for 6 games last year, no one would’ve given two shits!

On the plus side, maybe it won’t cost so much to extend him beyond this season? Either that, or he puts up 10+ sacks in 10 games and he becomes impossible to re-sign.

I hate sports. Sports are fucking dumb. Why do we put ourselves through this?

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