The Huskies Got Right (In The Second Half) Against Arizona

You could say I was looking forward to the Oregon game. With the Huskies on the road these last two weeks, I’ve been hard at work trying to improve my beer pong game in advance of this Saturday’s early-morning tailgate session. In an attempt to better close games out, I refrained from re-racking my cups until my opponent got down to their final one. I did pretty well for myself, but as a result I don’t really remember much of the game. Ahh, the sacrifices we make to pursue our passions.

Somehow, the Husky offense came out flat AGAIN in the first half, trailing the Wildcats by four heading into halftime. Then, we figured it the fuck out, dropping 38 on ’em to win it in a rout, 51-27. I really don’t have anything to say about this one, because that’s a game we’re supposed to win. The fact that it took us so long to get going is obviously concerning, but what are you gonna do? It’s not easy for us, apparently, to win down in the state of Arizona.

I’m very much looking forward to this week’s matchup against Oregon. I know they still have some speedbumps ahead (@ USC, @ ASU, and for some reason they always struggle against the Cougs), but this has the feel of a Must Win for the Huskies. Not just to (maybe) get back into the hunt for a Rose Bowl, but to prevent the Ducks from playing in the college football playoffs. Not that I wouldn’t relish the opportunity for the Ducks to be embarrassed by Bama on a national stage, but if we could give them their second defeat and essentially be the reason for them not making it to the final four is a badge I’d wear with honor.

Of course, it’s always important to beat them, because Fuck The Ducks. Even if it meant great things for the Pac-12 as a whole – and the Huskies by association – I always find myself rooting against the Ducks. So, this is no different.

The Ducks are narrow favorites this week, which feels right. I don’t know if their schedule has been all that tough, but they’ve beaten both the teams we lost to, so it’s actually a little surprising they’re not favored by more. Last year’s defeat down in Eugene was as bitter a pill to swallow as anything, so it’s crucial to come back this year and defend our house. Hopefully that’ll kickstart a downward spiral for our hated rivals that utterly ruins any chance of the Ducks playing on New Year’s Day.

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