Seahawks Lost Control Of Top Seed, Division Lead

I don’t really have a whole lot to say about the Seahawks’ loss to the Rams last night. Clearly we have to adjust our expectations at least slightly.

I mean, at no point were the Seahawks even REMOTELY competitive in this one, from any standpoint. This was the same type of defensive performance we saw against the Rams two years ago when they absolutely DESTROYED us. Receivers were wide open all over the field, nobody could get within three feet of Goff, we kept falling for the stupid fucking jet sweep play, and if it weren’t for the Rams getting cute on third downs, they should’ve beaten us by MORE points.

And yet, for how inept we were on defense, the offense was somehow WORSE! I’m used to Russell Wilson being under constant attack against that Rams’ defensive front, but I’ve also grown accustomed to him running around and making plays. They come at us, we hit back, and in the end it’s a high-scoring shootout. We couldn’t even get it to the 46-point over in this one! Our defense scored more touchdowns than our offense, is really all you need to know here. Drops by our receivers early in the game set us in a huge hole, and they never really picked things up from there. Being down so much early took away from our planned rushing attack (as well as Penny’s season-ending knee injury).

Also, don’t think for a second I’m leaving out our special teams. The blocked field goal was fun, but the missed extra point by Jason Myers was brutal, and Michael Dickson AGAIN gave us a shitty, underwhelming punting performance. We needed our All Pro to pin them inside the 5 yard line and he could barely get it inside the 25.

After the 49ers took care of business so thoroughly against the Saints, the window was WIDE open to stay ahead of the pack for the #1 overall seed. That’s over now; maybe forever. There’s still a path to where we want to go – if we win out – but at this point I think we want to be the 2-seed anyway. Odds are the 3 team beats the 6 team (whoever it is), and that means if the 49ers are the 5-seed, they’re DEFINITELY beating the winner of the NFC East. At which point, the 49ers would play whoever’s the #1 overall seed, leaving us with the 3-seed as our opponent (should we be so lucky).

But, the ultimate conclusion from this game is that our backs are firmly against the wall. We HAVE to win out to get to where we want to go. Hell, we have to win out just to win our division, and that might still only get us the three seed (I haven’t done the scenarios and I won’t do them until we get a little closer to the end of the regular season).

In that sense, this isn’t the worst loss in the world, but it still sucks. I hate the fucking Rams. I was trying to think last night who I hate more: the 49ers or the Rams, and it’s VERY close, but I think I still hate the 49ers a little more. I knew that in order for us to get to the top seed, we needed a Saints loss somewhere in there, but for the life of me I couldn’t help but root against the 49ers in that back-and-forth affair. Fuck them (and fuck the Rams too).

Aside from Quandre Diggs’ two interceptions, I have nothing good to say about the Seahawks. They looked tired, they looked beat up, they looked slow, they looked unfocused, they looked poorly coached. They will also come back next week and beat up on a VERY bad Panthers team, so let’s flush this and move the fuck on with our lives. The less we dwell on this one, the better.

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