So, How Are We All Doing Without Sports?

Getting tired of watching all these scheduled re-runs they’re playing on TV yet?

I’ll admit it, I got a kick out of seeing some of the classic NCAA Tournament games last week when I was hungover, but there’s only so much enjoyment to be gleaned from something where you know the outcome. Hungover – my brain working at 1/3 capacity – it’s fine. The rest of the time, ehh …

Other than the Tourney, March is a pretty dry month for me, sportswise. I don’t follow a Sonics-less NBA, I haven’t bought into the NHL yet (pending the upcoming Seattle Whatevers, who still don’t have a team name for some reason even though they’re set to start next year), and MLB would JUST be getting underway as of last Thursday.

I guess my point is, from a sports perspective, it still hasn’t totally sunk in yet. I’m more or less FINE without sports. NFL Free Agency is interesting enough to write about on a regular basis, whenever there’s something new to report. But, otherwise I feel okay without anything on TV!

Of course, the longer this goes, the more squirrelly I’m sure I’ll be. Let’s face it, the vast majority of NFL Free Agency moves have come already; sure, there will be names to trickle in over the next few months. But, now we’re squarely on DRAFT PREP, though the NFL Draft itself doesn’t take place until late April.

Sure, watching sports is fun and a nice escape, but it’s the daily conversation – gobbling up new information, reading all the studies from the stats nerds – that really makes it a passion. We’re obviously seeing less and less of that, because nothing’s going on to talk about, and you can really only reflect on past events for so long before it gets tedious. I love listening to old games with Dave Niehaus as much as the next guy, but you know.

Gotta pursue some other hobbies! It’s the nightmare scenario for a lot of people, but if you’ve ever been interested in something that you thought you just didn’t have the time for … well, NOW’S THE TIME!

I clearly don’t have a lot to say today, so I’ll let it go. Hang in there, everyone! We’ll get through this somehow!

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