The 2020 Seahawks Have A Schedule

This has always been one of my favorite posts to write – along with its companion that usually takes place sometime in August where I go through and predict game-by-game how many the Seahawks will win – but this year is obviously exactly the same as every other year. I can’t think of one single, solitary difference between 2020 and any other year of my life; YAWN Y’ALL!!!

Normally, we’d be a month into yet another losing Mariners campaign, so when the NFL releases its schedule, I’m always RABID for ANYTHING other than baseball to talk about! But, since the M’s are still technically undefeated and we’re all sitting around sportsless, tugging at our peckers, trying to find ways to entertain ourselves throughout the days spent locked in our homes, I’m finding it difficult to get it up for the big schedule reveal. Maybe by writing it out here, inspiration will strike:

  • Week 1 – @ Atlanta, 10am
  • Week 2 – New England, Sunday Night Football
  • Week 3 – Dallas, 1:25pm
  • Week 4 – @ Miami, 10am
  • Week 5 – Minnesota, Sunday Night Football
  • Week 6 – BYE
  • Week 7 – @ Arizona, 1:05pm
  • Week 8 – San Francisco, 1:25pm
  • Week 9 – @ Buffalo, 10am
  • Week 10 – @ L.A. Rams, 1:25pm
  • Week 11 – Arizona, Thursday Night Football
  • Week 12 – @ Philadelphia, Monday Night Football
  • Week 13 – N.Y. Giants, 1:05pm
  • Week 14 – N.Y. Jets, 1:05pm
  • Week 15 – @ Washington, 10am
  • Week 16 – L.A. Rams, 1:05pm
  • Week 17 – @ San Francisco, 1:25pm

There is, apparently, a lot of flexibility built into the schedule, in case the season has to start later than expected. So, I don’t know if there’s much point in bitching about how it’s set up. A week 6 BYE doesn’t strike me as especially egregious – it could always be worse – but I’ll make the same point I make every year: they should make every team either have the SAME week off, or spread it out over a 2-week period (so you can have NFL games on TV every week, but still make it as fair as possible). The NFL never listens to me, in spite of my tireless letter-writing campaign (I really MUST remember to buy stamps this year so I can mail them out), so we’re stuck with the format we’ve got.

It’s cool that we’ve got our two Sunday Night games so early in the season, as those likely can’t be flexed out; but again, with the virus butchering our lives, who knows if this schedule will be the one that ultimately gets played out? I could make that point about everything I talk about today, so let’s just say for the sake of argument this is how it’s going to be. In that case, GREAT! Because I really don’t anticipate the Patriots will be worth much of a damn this year, so catching them early in the season bodes well for us beating them (conceivably, Belichick could have them playing better by season’s end, at which point you probably won’t want to see them in December).

The Seahawks have four 10am starts, and five cross-country trips altogether, which is a little brutal (we’ll be putting in the most mileage travelled this year by a pretty fair margin). I think we actually lucked out in knocking one of them out of the way in Week 1; the team as a whole should be as rested as can be, so I wouldn’t expect it to be as much of a hindrance as it would in any other week. Also, one of those cross-country trips is a Monday Night game a week after our Thursday Night game, so considering how well we usually play on MNF, I consider that a victory in and of itself.

I’m not as high on the Dolphins as some people, but I do think it’s better to face them early as well, when Tua is still pretty green. Dallas and Minnesota both look tough this year, so I don’t know if it’ll matter much WHEN we play them, but getting both at home is nice.

The toughest stretch will be coming out of the BYE, through our MNF game in Philly, where we play 4 out of 6 on the road, including the Bills and Rams in consecutive weeks. Not only that, but we play the Cardinals twice within a month, the second time on a short week after those back-to-back road games.

The season closes relatively cupcakey though, with 3 of our last 5 at home. Both New York teams, as well as the Redskins, all look like they’ll be bad again this year, so that’s nice. It’s not all easy, though, as we play the Rams and 49ers the last two weeks, who are tough regardless of where the games are being held.

All told, if things break right, I could squint and see a 12-4 season. More likely, it’ll be something like 10-6 and another Wild Card appearance.

Honestly, I’m more annoyed by our pre-season schedule; both road games are in the Central time zone! At Houston (week 2) and at Minnesota (week 4)? That last one really grinds my gears, because not only do we play the Vikings again in the regular season (and yeah, I know, our starters likely won’t play in the meaningless one), but we also have to follow that up with a trip to Atlanta the very next week. What the hell, NFL?!

Did you believe it? Did you think I was actually mad? I’m sorry, I tried to raise a fuss, but it’s Friday and, well, you know.

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