The Mariners Drafted Other Guys Too

I don’t usually do a lot of writing about the baseball draft, for all the reasons you’d expect. I don’t watch high school or college baseball. I don’t even keep very good tabs on the minor leagues, let alone any amateurs or foreign players. And, quite frankly, I just don’t have a lot of interest in these prospects. Baseball is such a crapshoot – seemingly more of a crapshoot than any other sport I follow – that it’s too much mental energy for me to expend. I have a life, you know! GET OFF MY ASS!!!

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Yesterday, I wrote about the guy the Mariners drafted in the first round. Isn’t that CUTE?! Major League Baseball thinks it’s important enough to split up its draft over multiple days, as if anyone in their right mind gives a shit about watching the coverage on television! Anyway, the remaining four rounds took place yesterday, so here are some words about that.

Zach DeLoach is an outfielder the M’s took in the second round. He struggled in his first couple of college years, then really poured it on. He’s a guy who – had the 2020 season been allowed to finish – might’ve risen in the draft ranks to become a first round pick, so the Mariners feel fortunate to have gotten him here. There are a lot of highly-rated outfielders in our farm system, but almost like pitching, you really can’t have enough good outfielders.

Connor Phillips was taken with the comp pick we got back from the Brewers in the deal for Omar Narvaez. He’s a right handed starting pitcher who’s only 19 years old. He throws hard and has a solid 4-pitch mix. Sounds like another high-ceiling pitching prospect to throw onto the pile.

Kaden Polcovich is a smallish infield prospect who’s a switch-hitter and has a decent amount of pop for a guy his size. As a third rounder, there might be some upside to unlock, but people are projecting him as a utility infielder. Considering how difficult it is to make the Major Leagues at all, that’s no small potatoes. But, you know, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

Tyler Keenan is 6’4 and 240 pounds. He played third base in college and will get a look there in the pros, but most are projecting him to play first base in his professional career. Lots of pop to his bat, plus he’s a lefty. I would anticipate he’ll see plenty of DH in his career if he ends up making it to the Bigs.

Finally, Taylor Dollard was taken in the fifth round. He’s another pitcher, not as hard of a thrower, and made many of his bones as a relief pitcher. He was stretched out to be a starter recently, so I’m sure the Mariners will give him every opportunity to try that in the pros. But, again, I wouldn’t get my hopes up. If there’s a need at relief pitcher, and that’s the quickest path for him to advance through the ranks, don’t think for a second that the organization (or ANY organization, really) will do what’s in his best interests and take it slow trying to develop him as a starter. He’ll need to be great almost immediately to stick in that role, and I have a lot of doubts that’ll happen.

So, there you have it. Three pitchers and three position players. 2020 MLB Draft in the books. Now, let’s resume forgetting these guys even existed for a few years and see how they turn out!

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