Here We Go: Husky Football Has A 2021 Schedule!

And here I was worried I wouldn’t have anything to write about this week …

Without further ado:

  • Sept 4 – Montana
  • Sept 11 – @ Michigan
  • Sept 18 – Arkansas State
  • Oct 2 – @ Oregon State
  • Oct 9 – BYE
  • Oct 16 – UCLA
  • Oct 22 – @ Arizona
  • Oct 30 – @ Stanford
  • Nov 6 – Oregon
  • Nov 13 – Arizona State
  • Nov 20 – @ Colorado
  • Nov 26 – Washington State

The Arizona and Wazzu games are both on Fridays (and I’m sure that Arizona game will be HELLA late in the evening).

On first glance, this seems like a very fair slate. It’s always better when we get Oregon to come up here. The Michigan game is a huge draw (hopefully the Wolverines are at least a LITTLE better than they were last year, which would make a Husky victory look pretty impressive). And the conference road games don’t look too nasty to me (Stanford will almost certainly be the toughest of the bunch, as they always play well against us).

The Huskies dodged USC and Utah, traditionally the two best teams in the Pac-12 South every year. That makes our schedule REMARKABLY easier than it otherwise could’ve been. So, if Washington was ever thinking about running the table, I could see it being reasonably feasible in 2021.

Otherwise, it’s pretty silly to go game-by-game trying to predict outcomes this early in the year. Do I see six wins? Yeah, that’s not too difficult. We should prevail in 3 of the first four games, I don’t see why we couldn’t win 2 in that tough middle stretch, and obviously we should always beat the Cougars when the game is in Seattle. I mean, no offense Coug fans, but this is a rivalry and YOU STINK!

You know what I’m looking forward to more than anything? Getting together with my friends on the morning of Saturday, September 4th, and tailgating my brains out! I have absolutely zero confidence whatsoever the utmost confidence that our government will have us in a position to congregate socially by that time, and I plan on having the time of my life as the Dawgs get together and dismantle Montana in blowout fashion!

If you think I’m not counting down the days in the meantime … you’re absolutely right. Why would I go to all that trouble when Google will just tell me what that number is? We live in an amazing time! And in exactly 186 days, it’ll be that much better!

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