Are Veteran Free Agents Going To Want To Come To The Seahawks With This Russell Wilson Thing Hanging Over Us?

Over the last decade or so, the Seahawks have been a trendy landing spot for cheap veterans. We’re talking old-timers who are still effective, but well past their primes. These are guys who have managed to stay healthy, as well as guys coming back from injuries, but were proven players beforehand. For whatever reason, these are guys who love playing football, but have seen their value plummet. They could maybe max out that value on a crappy team, but they desperately want to play for a winner and compete for a championship. The clock is ticking, they’ve made the bulk of the money they’re ever going to make in the league, and now it’s time to go chase that ring.

These are my absolute favorite guys, when it goes well. I love it when my team makes smart decisions, finding value in people the rest of the league has overlooked. I don’t think the Seahawks are the very best at it, by any stretch of the imagination, but I do think they’re quite good, and seem to hit on these guys more than they miss.

With the Seahawks, we’re talking about a stable organization. The coaching staff and front office have been in place for a long time now. It’s a first class organization, with high standards for taking care of their guys. The practice facility is among the very best in football. The city is fanatical about the team (the fans are notoriously among the loudest in the league). And, aside from the Patriots, we’re the winningest team in the NFL over the last decade. It all adds up to the Seahawks being one of the most attractive destinations for these types of players.

And, as chance would have it, these types of players figure to be in large supply in 2021! Thanks to all of the salary cap issues that have been discussed ad nauseam, there is going to be a glut of good-to-great veterans who will be free agents, and only a dwindling amount of dollars in which to use on them. It’s a buyer’s market in the NFL in 2021! When you figure that the teams are already playing with house odds, it’s kind of like moving the blackjack payout from 3:2 to 6:5 (in other words: total bullshit for anyone going up against the house; also, can you tell I have a Vegas trip on the horizon?).

One of the biggest reasons why the Seahawks are a preferred landing spot for these guys is Russell Wilson. When you have an elite franchise quarterback, your odds of winning go up dramatically. Your odds of winning a Super Bowl go up further still. Wilson has been to two Super Bowls in his career and won one of them; he has that mystique, as well as an aura of a guy who gets the job done in the clutch. Based on the number of one-score games the Seahawks have won in his career, that aura is well founded.

The Seahawks need Russell Wilson, for obvious reasons. But, they also need him so we can attract cheap, quality veterans to play for us, while this championship window is still open. This thing isn’t going to work with just the guys we have on the roster. The young, cheap guys on the back-end of our team are unproven, and we need veterans to either push them to greater heights, or fill in for them until we can find someone capable of taking over in the future. We can’t come away empty-handed on some of the rare gems out there on the free agent scrap heap!

But, there’s a good chance, if we’re not able to make peace with Russell Wilson, or if we’re indeed making serious overtures to trade him, that the whole rollercoaster ride will shut down. Of course, if we actually trade Wilson, it won’t matter, because there’s no way this team is competing in 2021 without him. But, if this uncertainty carries through the summer and into training camp, we could very well miss out on a number of guys who might eliminate Seattle as an option, because they don’t want to come to a team that might suddenly find itself in the midst of a total rebuild.

The worst-case scenario being: if we’re unable to recoup our original 2022 first round pick from the Jets in any Wilson trade, we would not only be rebuilding, but handing the Jets what could be a very high draft pick to boot.

So, Seahawks, figure it the fuck out and let’s get everyone on the same page: Russell Wilson isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Make a fucking statement already! Quit dragging your feet and start putting both the fanbase and prospective free agents at ease!

One thought on “Are Veteran Free Agents Going To Want To Come To The Seahawks With This Russell Wilson Thing Hanging Over Us?

  1. Fucking A! And we already are shitting the bed in free agency letting all those star lineman fall to other teams the very first fucking day. Did I say fuck Pete Fucking Carroll too? Sick of his crap, and if he doesn’t honor at least some of Russell’s requests for next season, above and beyond Waldron, then it should be the easiest choice in the world to fire him DURING the coming season when he decides to flush all of us down his well worn and completely unsuccessful run first strategy; we aren’t going to have Carson, we don’t have a top defense, and Pete’s unwillingness to adjust should equal his immediate retirement.

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