So, The Seahawks Might Not Have Aldon Smith After All

The Seahawks sure do have a knack for bringing in troubled defensive linemen who never end up playing a single down thanks to off-field shenanigans.

I was recently SO excited about the signing of Aldon Smith, while of course knowing full well the risks inherent to such a signing. I suppose, given our history – the Malik McDowell of it all – I should’ve been more wary and tempered my expectations.

I don’t know what the rules are that he’s supposed to follow as part of his reinstatement in the NFL, but presumably they involve staying away from substances (alcohol or otherwise) and off-field violence. I guess I have to tack on an “allegedly” here, but it sure as shit allegedly seems that he broke the second part of the agreement, and while there’s no indication he broke the first part, who chokes out another grown man in a fit of rage that isn’t fueled in some way by “substances”? I mean, if he was stone sober, in a way that’s worse, right? That just means he has a complete and utter lack of impulse control in his daily life.

Obviously, this has yet to play out in the courts. But, if there is video evidence, I think that brings with it a minimum of a suspension from the league. If the video is bad – and how could it not be, he allegedly choked a guy unconscious – then I have to imagine the Seahawks will be cutting him (thankfully, with little repercussions to our 2021 cap).

The bummer of it all is that the Seahawks aren’t likely to acquire anyone of his talent, for such a cheap price, so that’s a blow to our pass rush depth that I’ve been crowing about. Sigh. HOW HARD IS IT TO NOT BE A KNUCKLEHEAD?!

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