In The First Round Of The 2021 NFL Draft, The Seattle Seahawks Selected Veteran Jamal Adams (*Jerking Off Motion*)

There are a lot of tired draft day cliches out there, but the hard sell of teams to their fans about why they don’t have whatever draft picks they happen to be lacking is one I’m getting particularly sick of in recent years. They always justify it the same way: we never would’ve found anyone this good at that spot in the draft.

By this logic, shouldn’t you just trade all of your draft picks for quality veterans every year? Or, at the very least, suffer some disappointment in the fact that you weren’t able to trade them for veterans, and got stuck with these Not Nearly As Good college players? That just happen to be significantly cheaper, younger, and less influenced by other coaches and schemes. That could also, not for nothing, develop INTO quality veterans if everything breaks right.

The point is, we don’t need the hard sell. Most of us are adults, and we understand the Seahawks are in a situation where they’re desperately trying to win another championship. That means taking calculated risks to try to significantly bolster your roster, and sometimes those risks come at the expense of the NFL Draft. It happens.

Also, it would be nice if the Seahawks got off their asses and completed this Jamal Adams extension, because it’s really not something I want to have to worry about all summer, especially when there are other potential moves to be made to fill in around the fringes. For as happy as I am with how well we were able to incorporate Adams into our defense, and with his massive impact in helping us win the NFC West, I’m NOT going to be happy if we only have him for one or two years, because he holds out or forces another trade or something.

As I think I said earlier in the week, I have no interest in watching the NFL Draft tonight. I’m treating it like a lot of other things that have little-to-no bearing on my happiness: wake me up when it’s over and just give me the Cliff’s Notes.

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