The Seahawks’ 2021 Schedule Was Released

As I get older, I’m less and less enthusiastic about the annual spring ritual of the NFL making it a huge fucking deal to release that season’s schedule. Why is this a thing? Why do teams have to make dumb viral videos? People are going to talk about it regardless, you don’t need the annoying fake hoopla. It’s especially pointless when we know what the opponents will be for each team well in advance; essentially it’s just a huge ado over the order and game times.


  • Week 1 – @ Colts (10am)
  • Week 2 – Titans
  • Week 3 – @ Vikings
  • Week 4 – @ 49ers
  • Week 5 – Rams (Thurs)
  • Week 6 – @ Steelers (SNF)
  • Week 7 – Saints (MNF)
  • Week 8 – Jaguars
  • Week 9 – BYE
  • Week 10 – @ Packers
  • Week 11 – Cardinals
  • Week 12 – @ Football Team (MNF)
  • Week 13 – 49ers (SNF)
  • Week 14 – @ Texans (10am)
  • Week 15 – @ Rams
  • Week 16 – Bears
  • Week 17 – Lions
  • Week 18 – @ Cardinals

I have no idea how tough or easy this schedule will be. The Colts and Titans look like strong opponents right out of the box. The NFC West is obviously always a fucking minefield. The Saints, Packers, and Steelers are almost always good. And, teams like the Bears, Lions, and Football Team are wild cards (lots of new players could make them better than they were a year ago).

From a construction standpoint, I like the BYE landing in the middle; I’m less-enthused by the early-ish Thursday Night Game, but maybe that’s a good thing? Maybe a Thursday game later in the year – when you’re beaten up by playing so many games already – leads to a higher incidence of injury; who’s to say?

I’m QUITE intrigued by there only being two 10am games on the schedule. Not that I’m overly concerned about them anymore, but I wonder if it’s a fluke, or if it’s a sign the NFL is trying to help out the West Coast teams a bit more. My guess is it’s a fluke; two of our road games – Steelers & Football Team – are in primetime, that would otherwise be early starts. That Packers game will almost certainly be the FOX Game Of The Week (unless Aaron Rodgers gets traded and the Packers stink), and the Vikings are a midwest team that probably don’t mind playing late once in a while.

Obviously, the Seahawks have Russell Wilson and D.K. Metcalf, so they’re fodder for as many primetime games as the NFL can schedule. You can’t complain about the Seahawks not getting respect nationally, because pretty much since 2013 or so, it’s been this way every single year. When you have superstars, you win a lot of games, and you play those games in exciting ways, you’re going to get notice nationally. That’s just the way it works.

There are fun reasons to watch most of these games! The least-interesting ones to me are the games against the Football Team, Bears, Lions, and Texans. But, it’ll be cool to see what the Jags look like this early into their rebuild, I’ll be interested in how the Saints look post-Brees, and I’ll be really interested to see if Carson Wentz can resurrect his career in Indy, that looked so promising just two years ago.

Anyway, that’s that. I’ve done my civic duty of talking about the Seahawks’ schedule. Now, we can all move on with our lives until August.

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