The Seahawks Don’t Need Julio Jones

This falls under the Needless Extravagance category.

Julio Jones is up for grabs. He wants out of Atlanta for some reason; since he’s very well-paid and presumably treated like the superstar that he is, it’s probably because the Falcons stink and don’t figure to be good again anytime soon. Regardless, he’s asked to be moved, and the Falcons appear willing to accommodate this request; since they’re also at the edge of their own salary cap, this seems to be beneficial for both parties. The Falcons save some cash, Julio gets to play for a ring.

It was announced this past week that the Seahawks are in the running. Likely, they called to inquire about Atlanta’s asking price, as they would about any major impact player; it’s what smart organizations do. Word of this, in the context of the Seahawks being the Seahawks (i.e. VERY willing to make these types of splashy, blockbuster deals for megastars), has left Vegas of the opinion that the Seahawks are the frontrunners to acquire Julio Jones, in spite of the fact that we also have very little money to spend, very few draft picks to trade, and we JUST drafted a wide receiver to throw onto the pile (a pile that also includes D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett). None of this makes any sense from Seattle’s perspective, but again, when have these types of Seahawks trades EVER made sense? They find a way to get them done, and we go from there.

Fans have been split, to say the least. Many are rightly excited, because he’s Julio Jones for Christ’s sake! If for no other reason than to prevent him going to the Rams or 49ers or Cardinals, this is a no-brainer! He’s one of the most dominant wide receivers of all time, a 7-time Pro Bowler and 2-time All Pro (first team); when you have an opportunity to add someone of this level of talent, you jump at it!

On the flipside, he’s 32 years old. He’s coming off of a season where he played in only 9 games. I don’t care that he was still playing at an elite level in those 9 games, the main number isn’t his 11.3 yards per target, it’s the 7 fucking games he missed. For a wide receiver, the only phrase worse than “lingering hamstring injury” is the dreaded “turf toe”. On top of which, he’s under contract through 2023 (when he’ll be 34 years old), with fully-guaranteed money through 2022. I think people are right to be concerned about his health over the next two years. You trade for a guy like Julio Jones banking on him playing 15-16 games (or, in this brave new world, 16-17 games) plus the entire playoffs; it’s fucking useless if he’s out half the year and playing through injuries the rest of the time. Unless he’s on some secret HGH regimen, guys don’t get MORE durable as they get into their 30’s, this is just the way it is. Father Time was, is, and always will be undefeated.

I’ll admit, I think it would be cool to have Julio on the team, for all the positive reasons stated above. But, I just don’t know how much of a difference he’d make. This offense is already shaping up to be pretty fucking great as it is. We have two top tier receivers and a rookie I’m sure everyone would like to get involved thanks to his speed and toughness. Between that and our dedication to the running game, I don’t see how a few targets to Julio is going to make THAT much of a difference. More impactful would be a shutdown cornerback, or an elite pass rushing defensive tackle; really just another superstar in general on the defense would make me SO MUCH happier than Julio Jones.

If it happens, and he’s a Seahawk in 2021, I won’t be mad. Indeed, I’m sure I’ll be giddy at the thought. But, when we’re all inevitably disappointed that his addition doesn’t translate to the Super Bowl championship we all expect, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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