Things Are Happening In Kraken Land

The Seattle Kraken did okay in the NHL Draft lottery a while back, landing the #2 overall pick. They apparently had the third-best odds to get the top spot, so that’s a slight improvement, but I still contend we should’ve just been handed the top pick. We’re a brand new team! We paid however many millions of dollars to join the league, just give us the top player in the draft!

I understand Vegas had the same odds – and actually had to draft 6th in their first-ever NHL Draft – but that’s also bullshit. They too should’ve been handed the top overall pick. The Buffalo Sabres – who were the worst team last season – ended up with the top pick; I’m told they’re projected to still be in worse shape than the Kraken – who will, at least, have the advantage of the expansion draft – but I don’t care. I’m greedy.

Anyway, Owen Power is projected to be the first player selected, so the Kraken should have their pick of everyone else. I don’t know enough to say for certain if it’s just a college draft, or if there are international/independent players who can be selected, but I look forward to learning everything there is to learn as this thing progresses.

The NHL Draft takes place July 23-24. We will pick 3rd in every round after the first (there are seven rounds total).

The Expansion Draft takes place on July 21st. So, that’ll be a pretty huge week!

I read in the Seattle Times this week that prior to the 21st, the Kraken can offer free agents up to 8-year deals (in the NHL, deals max out at 8 years only if you are re-signing your own guys, otherwise deals max out at 7 years), so there might be a big name or two headed our way before any of this takes place.

The next thing to look out for – vis a vis the expansion draft – is that teams can trade their regular draft picks to us in lieu of us selecting one of their unprotected players. So, odds are the Kraken will have a lot more than the 7 picks we’re guaranteed in the regular draft (including multiple first rounders). As a comparison, the Golden Knights – in 2017 – selected 3 players in the first round, 2 players in the second, fifth, and sixth rounds, and 1 player in the third, fourth, and seventh rounds (a total of 12 draft picks).

So, this is all very exciting! The NHL playoffs are currently in full swing, so obviously that all has to play out before we get to anything noteworthy. Once we get into July though, watch out!

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