Jamal Adams Signed An Extension With The Seahawks

4 years, $70 million, $20 million of that in a signing bonus, $38 million total guaranteed.

This is added onto his 2021 salary of just under $10 million, so none of it even kicks in until next year. If you assume there’s a potential out two years in, this effectively means he’s locked in – for better or for worse – through 2023, with the possibility of him being here through 2025 if everything goes perfectly.

Of course, that’ll never happen. He’ll be 30 in the 2025 season, but if he’s still playing at an elite level at that time, Adams will already have forced his way into either another contract extension LONG before that, or forced a trade out of Seattle, to a team that’ll accommodate his demands.

If I were you, as a Seahawks fan, I’d say Jamal Adams will be here through 2024 at the very latest, but regardless, this should be the last contract he signs as a Seahawk.

What can I say? I like the deal. Jamal Adams becomes EASILY the highest-paid safety in the history of the NFL. $17.5 million per year average is a good two million per year more than the next guy. But, that makes sense, given what he can do along the line of scrimmage. 9.5 sacks a year ago, to lead the team. 16 sacks over the last two years shows it was no fluke.

What’s concerning, of course, is what the style of play will do to his body. I mean, last year alone he tore a labrum and broke multiple fingers, causing him to miss 4 regular season games. It also severely hampered his ability to make plays in the secondary; there were a number of flat-out dropped interceptions, due to those injuries. You hope maybe he’s able to avoid some of those things, by being more aware of his limitations, and maybe changing up the gear he wears on gameday. But he’s a violent fucking man on the football field, and sometimes that translates to him getting dinged up here and there.

You don’t bring in a Jamal Adams for his coverage abilities; you bring him in to be an enforcer on your defense that sorely needed him.

Ultimately, I like the deal because I like watching Jamal Adams play football. He’s fun as hell! Watching him run up to the line of scrimmage just before the ball is snapped gets my juices flowing; you know whatever’s about to happen is going to be exciting. Maybe he gets to the quarterback and knocks his block off! Maybe he forces the protection into disarray, allowing someone else to blow up the play! Maybe he gets stuffed and we’re about to have the ball rammed down our throats! When he’s in there, and he’s doing his thing, you’re going to feel something as a fan that you don’t feel with 99% of other players in the league. Jamal Adams is a difference-maker. He’s special. He does things few people are able to.

Not for nothing, but I also like the deal because it’s one less hold out (or, *shudder*, hold in) that we have to worry about right now.

I’ll just say this about Duane Brown – because I don’t really feel like writing a separate post about his shenanigans – exactly 50% of me thinks the Seahawks should stick to their guns and force him to play out his deal. He’s 36 years old this season, he’s got just this year remaining on his contract extension. I know he’s a special player, but it kind of feels like we’re all on borrowed time here. Maybe he IS another Andrew Whitworth type who will play into his 40s … but those guys are exceedingly rare, and all it takes is one knee injury to immediately end a career. I still feel like it’s better to get out from under these types of guys a year early vs. a year too late. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I think this year, the 2021 season, is going to be the end of Brown’s prime, before we start to see some sort of decline.

You know what I DON’T want to see? Him signing a 2-3 year extension now, only for him to get injured later this year and not only lose him, but all of that salary cap space, for nothing because he’s incapable of playing ever again. That’s the absolute worst-case scenario in all of this.

You know what the next-worst-case scenario is? Playing this year with a backup at left tackle.

While exactly 50% of me feels it would be refreshing for a player of Brown’s calibre to be forced to play out his deal, the other 50% of me is terrified by the prospect of any other offensive tackle on this team playing significant reps at left tackle in the regular season, trying to protect Russell Wilson, all while we’re trying to break in a new offensive coordinator.

Imagine 17 regular season games that look like that fucking pre-season game against the Raiders. Ye gods! Just gouge my eyes out with a grapefruit spoon right now and get it over with!

So, you know, I’m torn I guess. It all depends on whether or not Duane Brown is willing to hold out into the regular season. Clearly, based on what we’ve done to neglect shoring up this position, Plans A, B, and C were all focused on Brown playing through the entirety of his deal. If we refuse to give him the extension he’s demanding now, I think that likely means our plan all along was to get out from under him after the 2021 season and move on to either a prospect (Stone Forsythe, perhaps?) or a younger free agent/trade acquisition. That’s not a bad plan, in itself, to try to get younger at such a key spot. But, it only works if Brown plays ball.

On the flipside, if we do extend Brown now that the Adams deal is completed (something that’s been speculated since the beginning of all this) – knowing what reserve cap space we’re likely to have in the tank going forward – then maybe there is no plan for the future of the position, and we’re just winging it until Brown’s body gives out and will scramble for a solution when that time comes.

Either way, I’ll be interested to see what happens in the next couple weeks. I’m just glad we’ve got Adams back and he’ll be returning to practice this week. It’s nice to have at least the defense at full strength.

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