Nobody Wants To Hear About My Fantasy Team 2021: A.J. Brown Is A Disappointing Keeper

Snoopy & Prickly Pete lost to Korky Butchek 125.70 to 111.97, to drop to 1-2 on the season, and in 10th place (out of 10 teams). Korky would’ve beaten only one other team this week; it’s a game I should’ve had, but underachieved once again.

There’s plenty of blame to go around. I could’ve started Jameis Winston over Justin Fields; that would’ve given me the points required to win in a nailbiter. I could’ve stuck with Clyde Edwards-Helaire over Ty’Son Williams and won. But, you know what’s sticking in my craw? A.J. Brown.

He was one of my four keepers this year, and someone who I felt was a building block in dynasty. He’s only 24 years old, has already made a huge impact in the league, and is a bona fide #1 receiver talent. But, for some reason he’s always on the injury list and already getting regular veteran rest days in practice. So, clearly there’s something degenerative going on. Then, beyond that, there are all the drops. SO MANY DROPS! He must’ve cheated me out of dozens of points with his inept hands! And, now he’s got a hamstring issue that has him week-to-week. He got injured in the first quarter last week (of course), netting me all of 0.30 points; that’s after dropping the ball multiple time against a God-awful Seahawks defense the week prior. Now, he’ll almost certainly be too injured to go up against another terrible defense (the Jets), and we’ll see if he has it in him to return for Jacksonville the following week (another great matchup for him, theoretically).

This thing doesn’t fucking work if my receivers aren’t doing the lion’s share of the scoring for my team. Now, I shouldn’t complain, because Snoopy & Prickly Pete isn’t a team that can contend for a championship; I need to play for the Consolation Bracket and a high draft pick for next year. But, I also need to suss out who my dynasty is going to be for next year and beyond. I need my three receiver slots to be all set, so I can use my first round draft pick next year to fill in around those guys. It’s all going to fall apart if I can’t get at least that one position settled.

There’s an interesting phenomenon in our league this week: half of the teams are 2-1, the other half are 1-2. This week, I go up against the best of the 1-2 teams, Toot Cannons; he has scored almost 100 more points than me so far in the early going.

I’m going to be scrambling up until the last minute – which is going to be a little challenging considering I’ll be on a little weekend getaway – looking to see who’s available. Justin Fields got banged up, plus he stunk against the Browns, and therefore might not be ready to start just yet. It’s a shame, because they’re going up against the Lions, and you’d figure he’d have a much more successful go of it against that defense. I also need to replace A.J. Brown, and have zero good options.

Carrying two Baltimore running backs isn’t going to work for me anymore. As expected, no one is stepping up and assuming the Lead Dawg role. I still KINDA want to hang onto Ty’Son Williams, because he’s young and has potential, but I really can’t start him against the Broncos (who have given up the second-fewest points to opposing running backs).

That means trolling the waiver wire. I made a claim for Diontae Johnson for Latavius Murray, and somehow landed him! I don’t know why he was waived to begin with, he appears to be the #1 receiver for the Steelers. I know Big Ben isn’t what he used to be, but he’s not totally useless. Not for nothing, but he strikes me as a guy worth keeping around long term, should I need to bolster my roster by trading one of my other quality receivers. In the short-term, it looks like Johnson is set to return from injury this week, so I’ll happily slot him in my flex spot and hang onto him as insurance.

Here is my tentative lineup so far:

  • Jimmy Garoppolo (QB) vs. SEA
  • Justin Fields (QB) vs. DET
  • D.K. Metcalf (WR) @ SF
  • CeeDee Lamb (WR) vs. CAR
  • Ezekiel Elliott (RB) vs. CAR
  • Clyde Edwards-Helaire (RB) @ PHI
  • Noah Fant (TE) vs. BAL
  • Diontae Johnson (WR) @ GB
  • Justin Tucker (K) @ DEN
  • L.A. Rams (DEF) vs. ARI

Jimmy G is a good matchup regardless! I’m rolling with Fields until I see a clear-cut great opponent for Jameis Winston (the Giants can be frisky), or until Fields is benched. This time, I have no choice but to start CEH; he had a solid game last week, so that’s encouraging. Baltimore gives up the most points to opposing tight ends, so maybe THIS is the week Noah Fant busts out for a huge game? Justin Tucker, my MVP, is in the Mile High Stadium, so maybe he’ll hit it from 70 yards this time! Of course, his NFL record-setting field goal was still only worth a measly 5 points (there needs to be a rule change, 60+ yard FGs = 6 points), so what’s the point? I don’t love the Rams against that high-octane Cardinals offense, but I like the Rams just enough to not stream anyone else.

Toot Cannons is looking at the following:

  • Kyler Murray (QB) @ LAR
  • Carson Wentz (QB) @ MIA
  • Justin Jefferson (WR) vs. CLE
  • Mike Williams (WR) vs. LV
  • Saquon Barkley (RB) @ NO
  • Najee Harris (RB) @ GB
  • Darren Waller (TE) @ LAC
  • Nyheim Hines (RB) @ MIA
  • Harrison Butker (K) @ PHI
  • Denver (DEF) vs. BAL

This is an elite squad! Except for the second QB spot. I would need bad games out of multiple studs to even compete. It’s not looking great.

Splinter League Round-Up!

BUCK FUTTER racked up the most points in the Splinter League to crush Chubby Dumplings! Stafford & Rodgers, Godwin & Evans, Kamara & Harris, even Mark Andrews got into the mix. And, I made a last-minute addition of Alexander Mattison, who dominated the Seahawks in Minnesota. That moves me up to fourth place with a 2-1 record, with the third-most total points. That’s after starting out with the fewest points in week one! The juggernaut is moving, and the rest of the Splinter League better watch out! This week, I used my #2 waiver priority to nab Chuba Hubbard. Even though he’s not a long-term option, he might be a good one to stash on my bench. He’s also slated to start this week and get a bunch of carries (which helps, with Tee Higgins out with injury yet again, and Mattison likely to go back to his backup role).

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