The Seahawks Finally Won A Game With Geno Smith

I couldn’t have been less interested in the 31-7 victory over the Jags on Sunday. I watched the first half, but I was only invested as far as D.K. Metcalf touchdowns for my fantasy football team could get me.

It’s nice, I guess. The Seahawks were crisp and efficient on offense. Geno completed 20/24 passes for 195 yards and the two TDs to D.K. He also got Tyler Lockett going, which was bad news for any Lockett owners in fantasy who benched him this week. Alex Collins generated a competent 44 yards on 10 carries (though it seems like he’s still not totally healthy, as he kept getting spelled by inferior running backs). Trash-aad Penny (as I am dubbing him) was predictably terrible (7 carries for 7 yards), but you can’t win ’em all.

Hilariously, Lockett and D.K. caught 18 of the 20 passes Geno completed, accounting for 19 of the 24 targets. Only two other guys – Gerald Everett & Travis Homer – caught balls, a combined 2 for 10 yards.

The defense was just as efficient in holding down a Jaguars offense that has the potential to cause problems. Only 1 sack on the day, but 7 QB hits and 9 passes defended on the stat sheet (as well as a Quandre Diggs interception). The Jags racked up 309 yards on the day, but that was over 74 plays, so they actually averaged less per play than the Seahawks. We even had a breakaway Travis Homer onside kickoff return for a touchdown late in this one; our first kickoff return TD in seemingly forever!

This was a get-right game for the Seahawks and nothing more. We would’ve seen similar results from Russell Wilson at the helm. The Jags are one of the five worst teams in the NFL, and it showed on Sunday. At least the Seahawks didn’t play down to the level of our competition; that’s not nothing.

Now we sit at 3-5 heading into our BYE week. Wilson JUST got the pin out of his finger, so there’s a hope – however remote – that he can return in two weeks when we go on the road to play the Packers. I don’t think it’ll matter who’s at quarterback, the Seahawks will almost certainly lose that game. So, maybe it makes more sense to be careful with our franchise quarterback and save him for the Cards game the following week.

That being said, the Seahawks have zero chance of winning against the Packers with Geno Smith; there’s a non-zero chance with Wilson. So, if there’s any hope to be had whatsoever, I’ll be rooting for Wilson to be the usual quick-healer that he’s proven to be.

I will say that the defense continues to get better as the weeks go on. We’ll see if that trend carries over against high-flying offenses like the Packers and Cardinals. But, the advanced stats seem to indicate we’re not as shitty as the first month might’ve led us to believe. I’m not holding my breath on that one. Even if it’s true, it’s still damned frustrating that we keep getting off to these slow starts every season, especially when we’ve got the talent that we have on our roster.

This BYE week comes at a pretty ideal time. Here’s hoping that our injured guys can rest and heal up, and that no new injuries befall us next week at practice.

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