The Seahawks’ Schedule Lightens Up The Rest Of The Way

I almost don’t think I should be allowed to talk about the Seahawks’ 30-23 victory over the 49ers game yesterday. I missed all of it – catching some highlights here and there on my Twitter feed – but it sounded like quite a whopper! Six total turnovers, a fake punt for a touchdown, Adrian Peterson’s Seahawks debut (11 carries for 16 yards and a TD), Russell Wilson looking moderately competent again (though, a couple Gerald Everett fumbles prevented him from having a truly remarkable day), and a come-from-behind Seahawks victory where we outscored them 9-0 in the second half. This game was a football version of a Stefon segment from SNL!

I’m not upset in the slightest that I missed this game, though. It also sounded like a heart attack waiting to happen around every corner. Also, frustratingly, D.K. Metcalf only had 5 catches for 60 yards and 0 TDs, which makes the fantasy player in me furious.

But also, big picture, what does this win get us? Now we’re 4-8. Admittedly, it’s fun to say we swept the 49ers (and also make their playoff chances that much more difficult), and we’re technically only two games in the loss column out of the seventh seed in the NFC (that slot could go to a team with a pretty mediocre record), but nothing I’ve seen from the Seahawks this season indicates we’re ready to go on a big winning streak.

My own personal best-case scenario is for the Seahawks to muck things up to where the Jets don’t have that great of a draft pick next year. I don’t care that it also simultaneously sabotages our own top second round pick; it sickens me that the Jets might get a Top 5 pick based on our own desperation.

Thankfully, the schedule does ease up a bit from here on out. We have five games remaining in the regular season. Three of them are: at the Texans, and vs. the Bears and Lions. The other two games are at the Rams and at the Cardinals. If we win the games we’re supposed to win, that guarantees us at least a 7-10 record. Not great, but good enough to slide down that Jets draft pick. If we can go 1-1 against the Rams/Cardinals, that bumps us up to 8-9, and probably sees us missing the playoffs by a game. That’s something, at least. It’s hard for me to imagine us running the table without a lot of luck, and a lot of scoring from our offense.

Even though the Seahawks technically scored 30 points, seven of those points came on the aforementioned fake punt and two came on a safety. That’s three touchdown drives by the offense, with one of them coming on a short field following a 49ers turnover. To quote O.J. Simpson, “I’m just sayin’.” The sinking ship isn’t fixed.

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