The Seahawks Have A New Offensive Line Coach

In a somewhat surprising move, the Seahawks fired Mike Solari.

It’s surprising because this news trickled out so long after the regular season ended. It makes you wonder if he’s known for a while now, but reporters just found out; seems mean to leave him jobless after so many teams have gone all in on their new hires.

It’s somewhat surprising because when you talk about reasons why the 2021 Seahawks failed to make the playoffs, the O-Line isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. You could argue that we all expected them to be better than they ultimately were, but you could also blame age (Duane Brown) and injuries (pretty much everyone else) for much of the decline. Things definitely perked up for this unit over the last month or so, particularly as the running game improved.

It’s not at all surprising, though, because I don’t think Mike Solari is a good coach. Check his history. When has he ever had a dominant offensive line unit? I know I read about this before, but I refuse to go back and do the research; all I know is that if he has coached a dominant O-Line unit, it’s been a rarity. More often than not, his offensive lines rank in the middle of the pack, all the way down to utterly atrocious.

He was a good hire in 2018 because we were coming off of Tom Cable’s tenure. Literally anyone would’ve been an improvement! Getting back to why this is a somewhat surprising firing, when you think about the shitshow Cable was running towards the end of his time here – and think about how long it took him to actually get fired – the Seahawks have certainly been known to tolerate much less from their offensive line coaches.

It was more important for the Seahawks to shore up their defensive coaching staff, which they’ve done. But, I’m glad to see they’re not taking things lying down when it comes to the offense. It would be foolish to fire Shane Waldron after one season, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do anything. Solari is a logical person to move on from.

And Andy Dickerson is a logical person to succeed him. He was the run game coordinator last year, who came over with Waldron from the Rams. Sounds like a lowkey vital cog in the offensive coaching system who probably had a lot to do with our rushing success down the stretch, and Rashaad Penny’s resurgence.

This could be a brilliant promotion! I’m very encouraged by what he was able to do as the season went along. Here’s hoping he knows what he’s doing, and we’re able to bring in the type of talent to make his job easier.

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