Major League Baseball Is The Worst-Run Professional Sports Organization In The World

The title conveniently allows me to continue to lambast the Pac-12 with reckless abandon, since technically they’re not pros, NIL aside.

The fucking idiots in Major League Baseball have done it again, by – of course – not doing fucking anything. I hate on the MLB in my regular sports-ranting life more than anything else, because they so consistently and thoroughly get it wrong.

Umpiring in the sport is a God damn travesty. We have the technology to accurately pinpoint balls and strikes with a computer, much faster than The Human Element, and without the needless headaches of those humans holding grudges or otherwise unleashing their feelings all over our favorite players and coaches. I would say 95% of all of our gripes with this stupid sport would be eliminated if we limited umpires to making calls on issues like Safe/Out or Fair/Foul.

The extra innings rule – starting with a runner on second base – is somehow even more ill-conceived. In their mania to shorten the games, they’ve decided to go after the most exciting parts: the ends! You want to maintain fan interest, while at the same time cater to player safety? Shorten the games to 7 innings and shorten the season by 20 games. But you won’t do that, will you? So, instead you institute these weird backyard baseball rules to trample on the legacy of a sport you’re hoping to preserve.

The fact that there’s no DH yet in the National League – and that it’s taken this long to seriously discuss instituting it in the CBA – is mind blowing to me. Why do half the teams play by different rules? This isn’t the fucking 1800s! No one gives two fucks about pitchers who can hit, and it’s an embarrassment to the sport to watch them flail away, connecting with a baseball a tiny fraction of the time.

I could go on and on, but that’s just delaying the inevitable point I’m trying to make, which is that they’re at it again! Making bumbling, moronic decisions at the expense of common sense and honoring the people who make their cushy lives possible: the fans, who give their money to keep the lights on at night.

Thanks to the lack of back-and-forth with the CBA, the start of Spring Training has been delayed, and so too has the start of those games. Now, the earliest the games can start is March 5th, and that’s if they can figure it out in the next week. March 31st is when the regular season is supposed to commence, but ideally teams would have four weeks to prepare.

The longer this drags out, the likelier we are to run into players injuring themselves trying to get ready for the regular season. Obviously, there’s an increased chance that regular season games get canceled. Or, even worse, postponed, to be made up on the back-end and/or with doubleheaders (which, also, increases the likelihood of players getting hurt).

It’s baffling to me that the league keeps screwing up this cash cow of a sport in such dire ways. But, it also doesn’t surprise me whatsoever, because they’ve always failed upwards. That can’t continue forever, though. Baseball is already on the decline nationally; at best it’s the third most popular North American sport and should eventually be supplanted by soccer. When you’re talking about baseball in hockey terms, I think that’s some significant fucking up, and all the decision-makers should be ashamed of themselves for what they’ve let happen to their sport.

I still believe we’ll have a season, and we’ll still get 162 games in. But, I tell you what, if I were the players, I’d start using the same tactics the owners have been utilizing. Cut short negotiations, delay things as much as possible. You want to hurt the owners? Well, you can’t, because they’re all billionaires. But, do you want to make even a slight dent? Make them cancel regular season games. Owners don’t give two fucks about Spring Training. They don’t care about the minor leagues, so why should they care about the pre-season? They’d gladly put an inferior product on the field if it helped their bottom lines. They’ve never once negotiated in good faith in this entire process, so follow their lead. Don’t take the high road. Strike! Make them sweat a little bit. When they start losing out on regular season money, then maybe they’ll try a little harder to reach a more fair deal.

Probably not. But, at this point, what else do you have to lose? You’re already going to get creamed in whatever the new CBA turns into.

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