Thoughts On The Colin Kaepernick Situation As It Stands Now

Everything, on both sides, feels very performative about the whole Colin Kaepernick thing. I don’t think we’re really getting the full truth from anyone. Of course, it’s impossible to ever get a straight word out of NFL front offices, the best we can hope for is to piece together what gets leaked to the major NFL reporters and news breakers and try to suss out what’s truth and what’s lies.

Here’s what I believe: I don’t think the NFL wants him back. However, I think if anyone in the NFL thought he’d help their team win, they’d try to sign him. Now. Post … whatever. Post George Floyd, post BLM protests, post a more general acceptance that guys were kneeling for injustice and not to be anti-American (though, of course, there’s a great percentage of people who will always believe the worst; I do think there’s been a bigger shift in the acceptance of the act)

I also believe there’s a very performative aspect to what Kaepernick says to the public. He claims he wants to return to football. He posts videos and is now traveling around throwing to receivers. Seems like it could be genuine, and it seems like he’s still in good shape and still has the strong arm. If you buy the argument that a team would sign him if they thought he’d help them win, and if you buy the argument that he wants to return, then it seems like a no brainer, right?

The Seahawks, as it turns out, just traded away their franchise quarterback. They have nothing on the roster at this point besides Drew Lock, who stinks. They allegedly have a progressive head coach and front office, and they play for a city that is very progressive and would be largely accepting of a player like Kaepernick. This wouldn’t have the kind of furor that him signing in the deep south might engender; it feels like the no brainer to end all no brainers.

The rub is, now the excuse to not bring Kaepernick back has to do with the fact that he hasn’t played since 2016. That’s a pretty legitimate reason to question a guy; can someone with a five year layoff return and be an effective quarterback? He’ll be 35 in November; most quarterbacks that age or older are either the elitest of the elites, or they’re backups. But, what does a quarterback making the minimum cost? A million or two? Feels like a pittance if he’s able to actually help your team win games.

That’s where I don’t really buy Kaepernick’s sincerity when it comes to returning to football. You’re telling me a quarterback-needy team wouldn’t even offer him the minimum? Is he really that poisonous to the establishment? My guess is he thinks he’s better than the minimum. Right or wrong, that five year layoff rejects that premise. I feel like, if he really wanted to return, he’d jump at the next minimum offer he got. But, I don’t think he’s actually putting himself out there. I think he’s performing for the cameras and putting on a big show, to parlay this into more important moves down the road. Maybe running for office, maybe using his influence in other ways to affect change.

Don’t get me wrong, Colin Kaepernick was screwed over by the NFL establishment. But, at this point, more people would be cheering a team that signed him than would be burning jerseys. It’s not like he’s going to be able to kneel for the anthem anyway; the NFL saw to that by doing the anthem while players are still inside. Of course, we don’t question why an anthem is needed in the first place; what’s the point? We need to pledge allegiance to the flag in order to watch a sporting event? Do you hear how dumb that sounds?

If he’s adamant about being a distraction even after he’s signed, then there’s your proof once and for all that he’s not really interested in playing football. But, if he’s actually sincere, then give him a minimum non-guaranteed deal and let him play ball. What’s the harm?

You don’t like Colin Kaepernick? I sure as shit bet if he won a bunch of games for you, you’d change your tune.

I’m not saying he’s the answer. I’m not saying he’d be as effective as he was in 2012 and 2013. I saw the way his career went in the tank even before all the brouhaha. But, is he better than Geno Smith? I would say absolutely. Is he better than Drew Lock? Almost certainly. Could he lead the 2022 Seahawks to the Super Bowl? No way. Could he lead us back to the playoffs? I doubt it. But, maybe. He might also be just as bad as Smith and Lock, in which case the Seahawks would tank 2022, which is what I really want anyway.

More than anything, I’m over the media circus. Shit or get off the pot, all of you. All this posturing is getting old.

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