The Seahawks’ 2022 Schedule Is Out, In Case Anyone Cares

I don’t usually care about NFL Schedule Release Day, but I care even less in 2022. Not that Russell Wilson by himself ever equalled the Seahawks being a Super Bowl Contender, but you could at least delude yourself into the possibilities, if everything broke right. On a good team, he’s certainly someone who could lead you there (as he proved twice in his career); our problem was that the team around him was never quite good enough, and he was never quite good enough to fully carry us on his back.

Anyway, without Wilson, the Seahawks’ schedule release seems especially pointless. Here it is, for anyone who still gives a shit:

  • Week 1 – vs. Broncos (MNF)
  • Week 2 – @ 49ers
  • Week 3 – vs. Falcons
  • Week 4 – @ Lions (10am)
  • Week 5 – @ Saints (10am)
  • Week 6 – vs. Cardinals
  • Week 7 – @ Chargers
  • Week 8 – vs. N.Y. Giants
  • Week 9 – @ Cardinals
  • Week 10 – @ Buccaneers (Germany)
  • Week 11 – BYE
  • Week 12 – vs. Raiders
  • Week 13 – @ Rams
  • Week 14 – vs. Panthers
  • Week 15 – vs. 49ers (TNF)
  • Week 16 – @ Chiefs (10am)
  • Week 17 – vs. N.Y. Jets
  • Week 18 – vs. Rams

Just the two primetime games; one on Thursday (which every team in the NFL gets) and the week 1 Monday Night Football matchup against Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos. That’s interesting, I guess. I’m sure I’ll be a lot more jacked up about it that week, but for now I’m just kinda meh. Seems like a game we’re sure to lose, which is probably a good thing.

Only three 10am games, though of course we have a 6:30am start time for the game in Germany. I’m honestly WAY more excited about that one; who doesn’t like waking up super early in the morning to watch their favorite team get blown out in another continent?!

I would normally love the late BYE week, and the home-loaded last 8 weeks (including that BYE). In that span, we only leave the pacific time zone once. But, of course, it’s not like we’ll be contending for the playoffs or anything, so why get excited?

Did you see the hilarious pre-season schedule? Not only do the Seahawks fly FAR AND AWAY the most air miles of any team in the NFL, but they also have to go to Dallas and Pittsburgh in two meaningless games in the pre-season. Because, apparently, since we’re playing the AFC West this year, we’re not allowed to play them again in the pre-season? So, instead of short trips to Vegas and Los Angeles, we have to go across the country to Pittsburgh and Dallas. That’s just insane.

If I’m to sit here and predict wins and losses, I’d say we should beat the Falcons, we could probably take the Lions, the Giants should be pushovers, I like our chances against the Panthers and Jets, and probably give us a win against the Cards and 49ers. That’s 7-10 for those counting at home. Yep, that feels right. Not bad enough for a top 5 pick, but maybe we just crack the top 10. If we’re lucky.

So, that’s it. See you in August. Except whenever I get a hankering to write about football, which is still pretty regularly.