Seattle Sports Hell 2022 NFL Power Rankings

This is a weird year in the NFL. I like to do my rankings split up into tiers: high, medium-high, medium, and low. Who would’ve predicted that there’d be three out of four NFC East teams in my high tier?! It’s crazy.

Anyway, I don’t really follow along with other power rankings, so I don’t know what anyone else is saying. This is all my own gut talking to me; I have no one to blame but myself for how wrong the following turns out to be.

High Tier

1 – Buffalo Bills
2 – Philadelphia Eagles
3 – Kansas City Chiefs
4 – Dallas Cowboys
5 – New York Giants
6 – Minnesota Vikings

I’m sure if anyone read this, I’d catch some flak for having the Bills over the Eagles, but I don’t care. I believe in the Bills. I know the Eagles are great, but if push came to shove and they had to play on a neutral field, I think the Bills would prevail. I also think that if there was a Super High tier, there would be a top 3 and there’d be everyone else. The Vikings for me are a bubble team in this tier, but with only one loss, I gotta give it up.

Medium-High Tier

7 – Cincinnati Bengals
8 – Miami Dolphins
9 – Baltimore Ravens
10 – Tennessee Titans
11 – L.A. Chargers
12 – New York Jets

The Bengals have had a pretty tough schedule, and there’s no forgiving that loss to the Steelers, but otherwise they were kind of on the bubble too. Ultimately, they get dinged for that week one circus show. I also think the Dolphins are one of the great ones, but they need to stay healthy and go on a run. The Ravens and Titans are always right there, a tough game against any opponent. I hate having the Jets rated this high, because I’m unimpressed by their team or their strength of schedule. But, they’re getting it done against the mediocre-to-bad teams, so they go here for now. The Chargers have room to improve on my list, but they’ll probably lose just enough to remain right where they are the whole year.

Medium Tier

13 – San Francisco 49ers
14 – L.A. Rams
15 – Green Bay Packers
16 – Tampa Bay Bucs
17 – Atlanta Falcons
18 – Seattle Seahawks
19 – Arizona Cardinals
20 – Las Vegas Raiders
21 – Indianapolis Colts
22 – Chicago Bears
23 – New England Patriots

A lot of teams in this tier who we expected to be MUCH better before the season started. But, these are teams with big flaws that have cost them in the standings. The 49ers are cursed by some injury demon. The Rams are cursed by a lack of depth. The Packers are cursed by a lack of receiving threats. The Bucs are cursed by Tom Brady’s divorce. The Falcons are young and in need of a superior quarterback.

The Seahawks are an interesting case, because I think people would expect them to be rated higher. This is a Seattle-centric sports blog, after all. But, I still have a lot of questions about this defense. I will say that they have an opportunity to jump quite a bit higher on my list if they beat the Giants this week. That’s a quality team, and if we’re able to shut them down and get by with a victory, that will go a long way towards improving them in my mind.

I think the Cards and Raiders also have potential to move up. But, I don’t like the Colts, Bears, or Patriots. Those are all bubble teams leaning towards the lower tier.

Low Tier

24 – Washington Commanders
25 – New Orleans Saints
26 – Denver Broncos
27 – Cleveland Browns
28 – Jacksonville Jaguars
29 – Carolina Panthers
30 – Houston Texans
31 – Pittsburgh Steelers
32 – Detroit Lions

This is, of course, where I expected the Seahawks to be heading into the season. These teams are very bad and one of them will end up with the top overall draft pick next year. There could be room for improvement for the Broncos, if they ever get their offense figured out, just because their defense is so elite. But, odds are, no one in this tier will end up in the playoffs.

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